It's been sitting on my bedside table like a treat I've been saving for later, but I've finally cracked open "Exhalation" by Ted Chiang. So good.

I keep never quite managing to engage over here, but I'm trying again. When everyone's in Dublin and I'm not seems like the perfect time. 😀

Insofar as I make resolutions (I don't), I decided to have fewer irons in the fire, in the hopes of actually finishing some of them. I'm about to finish a draft and not look at it again for at least six months.

I'm not admitting that I'm too in love with research if I mention that I'm reading through someone's doctoral dissertation on ancient seafaring and navigation for story-verisimilitude purposes, am I?

Now onto John Fowles's _The Magus_. Not sure what I think of it yet though I'm enjoying the style, and Greek settings are my catnip. The protagonist is unpleasant but I don't mind that. It's been on my shelf for years but I can't remember why I bought it. (To contextualize: I have to-read shelves, boxes, stacks...I became a librarian in part because buying just for my own collection grew too unwieldy.)

Oh, I did finally finish _Hild_ by Nicola Griffith today though. Pretty astounding book. It just took me (*checks*) five years to get around to reading it.

I am the Snot Monster what snots at midnight (and two a.m., and five a.m.). Nonetheless, I write.

Sketched an outline today for something that needs to be finished in January. As usual, the third act is missing something. Maybe as I start thinking about the characters, I'll get more.

I'm writing less. But what I'm writing is better? I think?

I got overwhelmed with social media and dropped off most platforms for awhile. Now I'm back, I guess?

Hello! I've been over on for awhile but also joined this instance to better connect to the SFnal community here. Thanks @phildini for helping me get set up!

Wandering Shop

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