Drugs/Mj, Rant 

I LOVE it if you do that... over there. But, please go where the wind won't carry that smell back to me.

My parents did that, it's nostalgic like cookies for the half second before I realize what I'm smelling. Then the after-smell of lightly roasted skunk confirms it.

But, but, I won't shame you for doing it... Except to my neighbor: "I can't escape your cheap-ass, skunk-weed stench."

That's what I yell out my window. If you heard me, I'm serious, smoke better shit.

@lawremipsum Your what? I use a micro-tablet, what's a phone? ;)

Me: Birdsite vs Here 

I am there and here because people I want to follow are in both places. I was here before Wil Wheaton was persuaded off of the platform. I've been there since 2008.

I use the same client for both, I see both timelines co-mingled in post-date order.

Partly, I'm here because I believe in the overall mission of decentralized microblog services. Mostly, I'm here because I have friends that are much more comfortable here, where code of conduct is taken seriously.

@vkc I wonder what the age breakdown of this is. I'm 48, and in the do minority in votes so far, et-see.

@determinerik One warning: some folk really would rather not be boosted, so please check the user profile for requests before doing it.

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I'm not going to preach about NFTs, but watch this (admittedly US-centric) video about legal issues around them both for consumers & creators.

It's long (46m) but good for anyone who is thinking about getting on NFT 🚂.

+ Nebula (membership required).
RT @LegalEagle
My take on NFTs. New video up on Nebula and YouTube (Nebula has an exclusive companion video all about NFTs for artists and creators!)

Bronx, NY. Image... Telephone pole with many, many rusted staples sticking out of it.

@architect isnt most of that extra just static data blocks that were compiled in (like resources)?

@WanderingBeekeeper Yeah, but it's sooooo tiring to need to explain to someone who thinks I'm being insensitive.

Remembering the time I was in India to attend a wedding and my friend's family decided to 'dress the foreigners up in traditional costumes', and how ... because of cultural appropriation backlash fears, I never shared photos or wore those clothes again, once home. Seems a waste.

@vogon No, you'll have to figure out which non compatible sub-variant of USB-C works for each device, even for just charging.

Watching a review of the VW ID Buzz van, and I think, I want to drive a vehicle of that shape. First thing reviewer (DeMuro) mentions ... US market will get a longer version.

I have no access to electric parking, so I cannot get an e-car anyway, but I'm still sad.

@lawremipsum I feel this is deeply true for anything that would be a content originating internet server. The domestic internet is very anti-server, and it makes me sad.

@lawremipsum At the time, I worked in the WF, and the skyway commute was perfect. I miss that place to this day.

@lawremipsum I used to live in Galtier - Downtown St Paul, incoming thunder storms could get scary.

I read digital mass market comics...

Very frustrated that the new Amazon comic app has completely lost my read/unread, marking everything as unread. I don't remember which books I really haven't read, but there were a handful.

I just can't deal for now. Canceling subs.

@andrhia Let them wonder why you changed the definition of blink to smack?

I'm wondering how long I can go on Wordle without having to reload the page.

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