Bronx, NY. Image... Telephone pole with many, many rusted staples sticking out of it.

Fortune: "The one good thing about repeating your mistakes is that you know when to cringe."

Oh, it's not safe in store, but surely is better in your home...?

I still play this game regularly. Very glad it was ported to Android.

For my Minnesota peeps... Google just sent me a reminder of the day I got to take photos from the roof of the Wells Fargo building, I used to work on that building. The next year, I moved to New York.

I accidentally stole the loyalty of my mother-in-law's dog. She has a new habit of sleeping at (partly on) my feet.

Computer Insides, Company Mention, Positive 

Brand new Deal Inspiron 3670, purchase today (Not by me). Pictured is the cabling necessary to hook up a second hard drive, or in this case, the hard drive from the old Inspiron 545s this one is replacing.

That small detail gives me tons of good feelings about Dell quality.

Listening to albums doesn't have to mean music from the 70s.

Have ham steaks always been the shape of the Millennium Falcon, or is it just this one... Or just me?

Light rain in front of gas station. Let's pretend those rainbows are because of anything but pollution in action.

This cookie fortune belongs on a Laffy Taffy. ["Q. What do you call a sheep with no legs? A. A cloud."]

AYPWIP? I think so, Brain, but if the Village Spa, how have the villagers not drowned?

kind of gross 

Someone decided to leave excess lipstick on a hand dryer in a public, unisex restroom. Were they out of TP?

It's a fork like I've never seen. Of four tines, the second one is super sharpened. I have no idea why.

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