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: I use this site wrong. I mostly use Twidere on Android, which hides CW pretty deep, so I sometimes forget. I generally read everything in my feed, in order, but am often up-to three days behind. I may inexplicably boost or reply to something you've forgotten about, and I'm sorry.

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As an , I live in the Bronx, and I manage some programmers in the financial data space. I'm married to a YA librarian with NY Public Libraries. I read a lot of books, some of them are not out yet. I have wide interests and lots of hobbies. If I'm following you, I probably noticed you talk about something I thought was interesting.

@andrhia Read your book. Finished last night, Er, this morning, near 4am. I loved the book, but I'm glad it's fiction.

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When I change my mind about something (which is not infrequent) I have gotten facts in a non-personal format, usually a personal story and at least a night to sleep on it.

When I was 11, a mere sparkler popped a tiny burning speck onto the back of my thumb. It took six months to heal. I have never "played" with fireworks.

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As the US opens state by state, please remember that some folks with heart or lung conditions have been told they shouldn't wear N95. However, those folks can still wear cloth. Be kind about face covering diversity.

Outcome of SARS in Asia was that some percentage of the population continued wearing masks all the time and never stopped. This seems likely now in the West. The masks we see are either casual or "official", but what look will be decided for a formal-wear mask?

Way back when (in the 90s) there were lots of computer types to choose from, but Windows was gaining popularity quickly. Someone wrote a little arcade style game tip make fun of the idea that Windows was taking over everything. ...prescient. I find it particularly hilarious to run this now under WSL on my Windows 10 PC.

For my Minnesota peeps... Google just sent me a reminder of the day I got to take photos from the roof of the Wells Fargo building, I used to work on that building. The next year, I moved to New York.

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Stress = stress related ailments. I'm producing more kidney stones than ever. They said that this should be a productive time, but I'd rather just not.

@aflightybroad Never having watched any Gundam... I started watching Unicorn. And I keep thinking whenever I hear it: BananaGrrr as in Angry Banana. No matter how wrong I am, the kid is now an angry Banana. Thanks for hearing me out.

I want a hat that draws a 2 meter radial laser line onto the ground around me.

Super glad I learned how and started to cut my own hair a few years back. Yes, it's a money saver, but now, it means that my hair isn't gone crazy during this time.

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I've been working from home since last Wednesday. I have that option, but, my wife does not. She works directly with the public. I consider working from home as a way to slow the spread if it's hit me. My co-workers don't need my proxy exposure to the public.

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