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: I use this site wrong. I mostly use Twidere on Android, which hides CW pretty deep, so I sometimes forget. I generally read everything in my feed, in order, but am often up-to three days behind. I may inexplicably boost or reply to something you've forgotten about, and I'm sorry.

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As an , I live in the Bronx, and I manage some programmers in the financial data space. I'm married to a YA librarian with NY Public Libraries. I read a lot of books, some of them are not out yet. I have wide interests and lots of hobbies. If I'm following you, I probably noticed you talk about something I thought was interesting.

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superhero: you.... monster! how do you sleep knowing what you plan to do!?

villian: like a baby

*cut to the villian crying and screaming at 2 in the morning*

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i think leftist communities might underestimate just how much of the self-flagellating we're constantly doing might be the result of internalising the repressive efforts of those who want to silence us

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I like to give gifts that you'll never be able to use, but you'll have to keep for years out of obligation.

On the subway, and this guys backpack hangs far off his back, and rhythmically bangs into my arm.

I'm glad he's only had two style to travel.

Second in-person interview. Maybe my unemployment will end before my moneys. Maybe.

My home page is in Valentine's Day colors for the month.

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Collecting flag colors of the world nations. Up to I, and Italy is the first country I have found where the white is not defined as a generic white.

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Looking at the Google tracking, there's some 10 places it thinks I visited last month that I never actually went to.

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Job Description: Best Typo Ever, or is it a typo?

"As an Engineering Manager, you will engage wit and help employees and organizations around the the world."

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