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: I use this site wrong. I mostly use Twidere on Android, which hides CW pretty deep, so I sometimes forget. I generally read everything in my feed, in order, but am often up-to three days behind. I may inexplicably boost or reply to something you've forgotten about, and I'm sorry.

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As an , I live in the Bronx, and I manage some programmers in the financial data space. I'm married to a YA librarian with NY Public Libraries. I read a lot of books, some of them are not out yet. I have wide interests and lots of hobbies. If I'm following you, I probably noticed you talk about something I thought was interesting.

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I ordered a 3D printer today. I have wanted one for many years. Now, I'm getting one. But... Will I actually use it? This question is the reason I've waited so very long to order it.

Have ham steaks always been the shape of the Millennium Falcon, or is it just this one... Or just me?

This video on YouTube from Simone Giertz might be worth your time.

I want a keyboard that will autocorrect normally on swipe use, but if I tap keys individually, it should leave me the hell alone.

Anybody know of a droid keyboard that will do this?

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Did I review Treasure Island, that classic tale? Yes, I did. More classics to come...

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Real email signature of someone working in the IT department of the New York Public Library includes this:


Which reminds me, somehow, of something I'd read about in a slash-fic or erotica story.

I was touched by a single drop of rain.

You should write that as a poem.

That was the poem.

Oh, then you should write it down.

Linux/UNIX/Java FYI: Time zone database updated. Palestine and Brazil changes. 2019b

My US rep is AOC herself. I don't have anything to say that she hasn't already said better.

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Phone interview with a big company in downtown Minneapolis next week. I'm excited about this, even though it's just a phone screen. 🎯 I would love to move back to the cities.

Book review posted (yesterday). The Good Neighbor, Fred Rogers Biography by Maxwell King

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