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are a thing here, right?

I'm Mars. I write short, near-future , and am interested in tech, scifi, horror, art, film, and the future.

You can read some of my stuff at

Follow me if that's something you'd like. And it'd be swell if you could point me in the direction of other interesting stuff on Mastadon.

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I wonder if we could solve global warming by convincing everyone to exhale "hoo" instead of "haa".

What if two ball boys run after the same ball and touch hands?

It's crazy that even profession women tennis players can't get shorts with pockets.

Every year, the ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi compiles a bunch of interesting, strange, beautiful, innovative, and just plain cool videos from new and upcoming directors. Have a look here:

Note that there are a range of topics and styles, and so it may include violence, nudity, profanity, and all sorts of other stuff.

Toot the change you want to see in the Fediverse.

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"I put my hammer down," Thor said, "knowing only someone worthy could lift it,"
"Did someone steal it?"
"Would a worthy person steal?"
"So where is it?"
Thor stared into the distance. "A dog took it."
"Won't it return to you?"
"Not while it's held by someone worthy."
#FanFic #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

My nephew calls them "flutterflies" and I think he's more correct.

Are there any animals with good rhythm? Trying to form a supergroup.

I'm surprised we don't think more fondly of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

"Between Two Dogs" would be a way better interview show.

Mind comic:

1. I see a spider chilling in the corner.
2. I turn to grab a kleenex. "Sorry buddy, but I gotta kill you."
3. When I look back, the spider is gone.
4. Pure terror.

Boy, napping peacefully in sleep module.

Older brother sprays breach-sealing foam into boy's hand, then tickles his nose with a feather.

Boy sleepily scratches nose with sealant, gluing his hand to his face.

Older brother: Mmm, this space food is good. But could use some salt.

Younger brother shakes salt and loosened lid flies off, salt floating everywhere.

Older brother: Ahaha you doofus!

Salt gets into all the instruments.

Older brother, pulling underwear up from under spacesuit: Haha wedgie!!

Younger brother in depressurizing suit: *gasps desperately*

Boy goes to use urinary hose on spaceship. Urine bounces off of Saran Wrap lining inside of catheter.

Older brother laughs and laughs from outside bathroom module.

Boy cries as module fills with floating globules of urine.

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