The first time we met, a crow perched on her hand, and she blushed, hurrying away without explanation.

The second time we met, a raven landed on our table and she excused herself with a ragged sigh.

The third time we met, a buzzard dropped a scroll into her tea, and she sighed deeply, waving it away with a thin hand as though it were merely a sparrow, uttering, β€œNo, you tell them that I REALLY LIKE this one and to mind their beeswax."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

@loveisanalogue *shakes magic wand* Think the calibration is off. Should have used more sparkles ...

I hope tomorrow is better. :)

Finally got the spear sheath stitched together and on. It’s a perfect fit, nice and tight. I’m very happy with this. Eventually, I’ll put the raven design onto the spear head itself.

The Mud Maid of the Lost Garden of Heligan in Cornwall, UK. A living sculpture by a Sue Hill. Depending on the season, the mud maid’s β€˜hair’ and β€˜clothes’ change when the seasonal plants and moss grow over the sculpture #art #sculpture

@pootsan @lafnlab nah, losing them to a new theory/interest for a bit is just another circadium rhythm. Gives me time to write. XD

We are developing a theory that the makers of Drakan *hate nipples*. Our evidence so far includes Rynn wearing mail over naked chest (OUCH) and these creatures.

body image issues 

Going through my camera roll and found this beauty.

My sister and I are continuing our playthrough of Drakan: Ancient Gates on PS2 and were horrified/delighted to meet these creatures.

Defeated, like most bosses in Drakan, by getting them stuck on a wall (it's fair because we die constantly from getting stuck on walls).

(CW for ... monster nipple piercing?)

D: I did it. I filmed the video.

I hate seeing myself but that's something I'm *specifically trying to get over* so I'll push through it.

It's awkward and vloggy but it's me. It'll do!

Couldn't have done it without antlers though.

@aldersprig Ahh, I see. XD I've seen some things about like that article that suggest that bears are urbanising like foxes and raccoons. Which will probably be good for their populations since humans insist on destroying habitats.

Maybe in a few generations people won't be any more surprised to see a bear than see a fox. :D

@aldersprig Maybe you're right, but I can't help but feel it would be worth it. :)

@aldersprig @aldersprig that's still a bounty of large kitties! :blobaww: Sucks some have been driven out/extinct. In the UK that happened to pretty much all our large predators.

@aldersprig !!! that's so cool! We don't have any big kitties in the UK. Well ... there are some in Scotland but there aren't many left :( and they aren't that big.

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