I have a new account on @vicorva and I can't import followers from wandering.shop due to the instance being outdated.

Please do follow me on my new account for more microfiction, catposting, and talking far too much. :blobowo:

Can I ride a giant cat while a regular-sized cat rides me? Yes.

This is a good game.

Calico demo:

Can I find a rainbow-hued magical cat? Yes.

Can I put that cat on my head? Yes.

Can we borrow the mayor's broom and fly off into the sky together? Also yes.

Been playing the Calico demo on steam and it already looks wonderful. A world full of cats and dogs to be cuddled, played with, and even ridden if they are big enough!

I supported it on Kickstarter forever ago and I'm really looking forward to its release.


Started my first game of Fall of Magic today!

It's a collaborative storytelling game with no game master.

The concept: Magic is fading. We are travelling with the Magus to Umbra, where magic was born.

We go to each location and take it in turns to choose one of the prompts and tell our part of the story using it.

Great fun so far! Lovely little game. So easy to learn and so quick to make characters in!

Oh, and here's a cute photo of the boy himself, just for a Monday mental boost:

Bath time with Merlin! Just a little short video of Merlin grooming and generally being a very cute ginger kitty. Supporters only!

I've also added a bunch of Merlin photos to the ko-fi gallery, some supporter only some for all. Go take a look!

🐈 πŸ”’ ko-fi.com/post/Bath-Time-with-

Sneaky peek at a new thing I will be releasing weekly soon.

I've even built up a buffer like a responsible person!

New post! I talk about my messy, emotional, but oddly consistent method of getting through tough plot problems.

Available for supporters only on ko-fi (and patreon, soon-to-close).

🧠 πŸ”’ My backup brain: ko-fi.com/post/My-backup-brain

I talk a little more about dice and magic in NON PLAYER CHARACTER as I continue to work through my first LitRPG system. patrons only.

🎲 πŸ”’ More Dice Magic: patreon.com/posts/37368920

Here's a belated Merlin post for patrons only!

🐈 πŸ”’ Merlin shows off his treat ball skills: patreon.com/posts/37331015

Just another reminder that @Rowyn writes excellent fantasy fiction.

Her novel Demon's Lure (and the sequel Angel's Sigil) features a main character who has the power to 'lure' demons for other hunters to kill -- except this particular demon is more powerful than anyone could have guessed, and it intends to keep her.

Highly recommended.

BUT she writes loads of other things in a variety of settings. Check out her work!

They're helpfully CWed too. :)


New Merlin update for patrons only!

🐈 πŸ”’ A video of Merlin doing what we call 'rat-sniffing': patreon.com/posts/37101091

patreon excitement! 

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