My novel, BOOKS & BONE, is 80% off and costs only $0.97 on until Monday 2nd March!

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This is in celebration of being nominated for the 2019 Booknest Fantasy Awards for Best Debut novel.

Please buy and read it and enjoy. ^_^

And if you enjoy it, I'd really appreciate your vote in the awards.

Comes with both kindle and EPUB files:

The Award:

fungus, blood-like effect 

New Merlin video for patrons only! This week I also write a little about Merlin's history and why he feels the need to sit with whoever is playing the video game.

🐈 πŸ”’ Merlin Helps Joh Play Dark Souls:

(also, you can join my patreon with full access to everything for $1 a month!)

Hey, if anyone was enjoying my obsessive Tombtown character-making in Rinmaru's excellent doll maker, I've compiled all of them into one blog post because it was just so much fun.

Includes all the main cast plus Emberlon, Ree's parents, Andomerys, and Symphona, as well as the paladins joining in Book 2.

Also , the walking stick Joh has been saving for my sibling.

Note how every individual tooth is painted. It is cursed in the best way.

New post for patrons only!

I share my working map and talk about the process of updating and changing in response to the needs of story.

πŸ—ΊοΈ πŸ”’

(PS if you don't want to be a patron, you can get a map with commentary and other extras from Scarlet Ferret for $0.99!

Writing atm so he's not allowed to sit on me, so instead he's ... leaning against the arm of the sofa and purring at me?

Cats. They are strange creatures.

Merlin purrs VERY LOUDLY in this week's Merlin post (sorry for the delay, folks!) for patrons only.

You too can experience extra Merlin content and coincidentally support my writing by pledging $1. You get access to everything!

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Please buy my book? Perfect for D&D fans and those who prefer sweetdark to grimdark. 

Going through my camera roll and found this beauty.

My sister and I are continuing our playthrough of Drakan: Ancient Gates on PS2 and were horrified/delighted to meet these creatures.

Defeated, like most bosses in Drakan, by getting them stuck on a wall (it's fair because we die constantly from getting stuck on walls).

(CW for ... monster nipple piercing?)

My partner saw me taking pictures and asked me to take a picture for them of the things *they* love XD

Aaah! Today's the day of my one-on-one game with Joh!

My dice (not including my travel dice, which live in my backpack in case of d&d energency)

Hello! I'm looking for feedback on my and what people would like to see from it.

Open to anyone who thinks they might be tempted to support it. :blobowo:

What Next? Periodic Patreon Check-In:

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