D&D addressing racist content, birdsite link 

This thread puts some perspective around why this has come about, and the press release itself (also linked) is far more positive than I was expecting.


Sensitivity readers and re-releasing old racist content, with a commitment to changing the mechanics and narrative around 'races' in D&D in future.

D&D addressing racist content, birdsite link 

@vicorva good. Good all around. I’m glad to see them addressing these problems and taking active steps to improve.

I love D&D. Stupid virus!!! I miss playing!

D&D addressing racist content, birdsite link 

@KARiley40 There's definitely a long *long* way to go but WotC's party line has long been 'we don't care and we aren't going to change' so it's a really big step.

Are you able to play online with friends at all? I've been running my games over a group voice chat. :)

D&D addressing racist content, birdsite link 

@vicorva no, can’t atm. It will pass and I’ll be able to play again.

I’m glad you’re able to continue at least!

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