He emerged through the rain of shattered glass and silver droplets to the other side.

It was not his bedroom reversed but a silver meadow blooming with diamond flowers that glittered under a white sun.

He glanced back at the mirror portal, now a shifting mosaic of shards around a window of normalcy. Reassuringly present. Then he looked on ahead.

Because somewhere here on the other side of the mirror were the answers he sought.

But first, he needed to find himself.

Thanks to @secretlySamantha for the lovely prompt 'On the other side of the mirror'.

I can never resist a good mirror story!

@aldersprig Thank you! I find meadows to be quite magical/mysterious locations so I like to give them some love sometimes. :)

@vicorva@wandering.shop I agree!

... I actually have a portal story that starts at a hedgerow on the edge of a meadow....

@vicorva@wandering.shop Never posted it! I like it but it never, ah, went anywhere. :-D :-D

@vicorva@wandering.shop I might! It think it needs a bit more direction but I really like the intro.

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