Support your Fedifriends! 💚 ✨

If you're in a bad financial situation right now and need a bit of extra money to get by, please leave your links below! Paypal, Ko-Fi, whatever!

Everyone ends up in these situations at some point and we all know how awful it can be. And what with the current situation, there'll be even more people struggling.

Friends, let's alleviate some burdens and help out!

@vicorva I've got a lot of debt and now I think I'm about to lose my job due to Covid 19 😭 also trying to find somewhere to live atm

Schools finally closed in my state so my boyfriend won't have a paycheck the next two weeks, so every little bit helps!
(Also anything over $9 i'll write something for, leave me prompts!)

I'm not hurting like some people are for sure, but the way the uni is going has me nervous & I'd like some savings, as I am the sole source of income for our family.

I write fiction at 2centsUS/word.

@vicorva no job, dad was just diagnosed with a 99% chance of stage 3 cancer. My entire family is immunocompromised and rely on him for everything. Any money will go to helping my dad get to chemo appointments and food.

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