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If you're a creator making things that people can enjoy from the comfort of their home right now, please leave your links below!

Games, art, books, music ... anything!

Free or paid -- a lot of people are going through tough times right now and if buying your stuff will help you, don't be afraid to share it!

@vicorva I co-edit a magazine explaining the world in an understandable way (and helping others to do the same). The group's Liberapay is as follows:

You can also directly browse the website:

But we're not in as dire straits as others, so if you need to make a choice feel free to give me a pass. Enjoy my work anyway 😜


@vicorva I sew owls ( and make digital art that you can purchase over here!

@vicorva I do traditional art, and I post everything here on Mastodon first. You can of course follow my Instagram or YouTube, there I post timelapse videos that I find incredibly calming to watch. As I deal with the #corona stress with doing more art, more art is headed this way.

I also do a free art giveaway right now. 💙

@vicorva My goodness, as a work-from-home artist, having folks grab what they like from me would be tremendously helpful: Music and spoken word on Bandcamp:

Ebooks and similar:

Digital (and print) magazine format on MagCloud, with humor and art:

On spotify:

Art, whatever's latest: - currently some electronic symbol calligraphy and some mixed media mandalas.

@vicorva I think the creation of ours I'd most like people to experience right now is "A memory of a library", which is a recollection of a building that's now gone that we spent a lot of our childhood in

@vicorva Something else which people might care about is our 200 Word RPG Challenge entry, "Words over the Airwaves"

It's a tabletop RPG designed to be played via text interfaces by players who are remote to each other, which is probably fitting.

Please let us know if you do play it - we'd love to hear what your experience is.

@vicorva Oh, just remembered: we also made a PICO-8 cart based on the @rain bot

Includes a bunch of different color palettes and also a quiet rain noise effect that you can adjust in volume. And if you have PICO-8, the effect is designed to loop seamlessly for 8 seconds, which is the default GIF length.

- 🌧️ 🐍

@vicorva got a media reactions podcast. Will probably have lots of new content if we’re quarantined.

@vicorva i have some short fiction and a twine game up on my website, if anyone is interested in some reading material :) they're totally free although i do have a paypal link for tips if anyone feels unusually generous.


And also my webcomic, which is fantasy adventuring based on Caucasus folklore and legends:

@vicorva And a whoniverse adventure game I made a while back which has hardly ever been played by anyone because I don't know how to find people who want to play it:

@vicorva I'm writing a science fiction series about folks trying to fight against panic and bigotry when the extraterrestrials come to visit.

I've just set them all to Pay What You Want.

@vicorva i do video game streams that i archive on youtube (with my favorites linked in the video directory on my website) and experimental electronic music

spotify doesn't really pay me shit, so if you wanna give me money, my current stuff is name your own price on bandcamp. my website has my whole discography streamable without trackers

support links are at the bottom of my website ( :xenon_heart:

@vicorva When our poor internet allows, we stream video games 6 nights a week with our small community of LGBTQIA+ folks at . We start around 8:30pm Central time, except for Saturdays, internet permitting.
Sometimes we're even pretty funny! You can find our archive over at with hundreds of hours of streams dating back several years.

@vicorva A while back, I wrote a book of essays critical of the New Atheist authors, and put it out onto the world under a pseudonym. Don't know that it will make anyone feel better under current circumstances, but it's totally free, if you're in that sort of mood:

@vicorva i'm a digital artist, writer, game maker, etc.

i have a kinda sorta portfolio here

i got an itchio ( and a patreon (

@vicorva I make free (CC BY-NC-ND) #music, a new track every week at

I also regularly stream live #piano jazz improvisation at

Amongst the feedback I've gotten for my music - "This is the weirdest music I've ever heard. Nice job :)"

@vicorva We write free stories about trans magical girls, though the plot is more geared towards adults.

Most of it is unfinished, but we do have an actual, completed novella titled The Shadow's Prison which is set to be part of a trilogy. It's pretty dark, though, so mind the content warnings.

@vicorva I have some tiny games up at !

mostly bitsy but a couple tiny platformers also. all of them are free and run in a browser window

I compose leftfield synthpop songs in French and some fairy folk music :

@vicorva I have zines for sale and a number of free games on my page!

(The Whisperer in Darkness costs $3 on Itch or Steam and is good for 30-40 minutes of spooky fun!)

I create an adventure #webcomic

It's free to read.
if you like what you see can you buy me a coffee.

@vicorva My webcomic Black Dram is ending in a few days! Read it here: (link goes to the first page to avoid spoilers, but please check the about page for CWs, as this is a horror-ish story with some nasty visuals)

There's also a preorder going on right now for the hardcover print version, if that's more your style:


i write poetry and texts. they are mostly about consciousness and violence and sense experience during insane reality. you can’t buy them but you can check a few of them out at

@vicorva Thanks for the opportunity! I write/draw a free longform webcomic about mentally ill, queer gods, called Grayling

I have books & crafts available in my store!

I've got several web comics on my website: , most of them in English. The main one is Per'Bat, a #fantasy story. The other long one is Travels of the Solar Wind ( #SciFi ), my #NaNoMangO comic. But if you prefer short stories, there's a couple of them too.


@vicorva I'm producing #techno-like music.

You can either listen on spotify so I get a few cents for every 10 plays:

Or you can listen on Soundcloud where the quality is a bit worse:

(Note AppleMusic, Pandora, Tidal, etc. also work but I don't have links)

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