Joh is going to try DMing! And it seems like this weekend is going to be the test for it.

We're gonna play 1 session just me and them as they're very nervous, then all going well there are a few friends who are experienced and easy players who we are going to invite to join.

And I get to be a player! :D

@vicorva That sounds awesome. As a frequent DM I love it when someone else steps up so I can just relax and play.

But running the game is also fun! I just like RPGs in general, I think.

@katre There's so much to love! It's one of the very best group creative projects out there. :D

But I am definitely ready to be a player and not a DM! Got exhausted and had some bad blood with a player (unrelated to game) and just very excited to have no responsibility. 😅

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