I've made more money books on itch.io than I have on any other platform.

This is in spite of the fact itch is primarily a games platform and that discoverability there is presumably much lower.

It was a pleasure to publish on, too, with customisable product pages, and very easy-to-set-up sales.

I might start to promote my links from there a bit more?

Love to hear from other folks on how they've found it as a book publishing platform.

@nuhn Oh itch is great! It's a games publishing platform and you can allow pay-what-you-want and people are able to tip on top of the price you set. It's really great and loads of indie games are on it!


@vicorva as a user the interface of #ItchIO is quite pleasant; a lot better than some of the other #eBook platforms your book is available on.
It also helps that it has both #ePub and #mobi formats.
It could however perhaps support more payment options besides #Paypal and #CreditCard.

Perhaps it not being primarily a books platform, is actually helping you, as people who might not be looking for books, but for instance zombie games, suddenly discover your books where they otherwise wouldn't.

@vicorva some things I'd like to see on #ItchIO (and other #ebooks platforms) is the ability to set a #Kindle e-mail address, so you can have the .mobi files sent to your Kindle account/devices directly, as well as profile/follow buttons for things like Mastodon. :)

@FiXato those are all good points, although obviously nothing I have any control over! XD I just publish there and am reporting my success so far.

@vicorva oh, didn't mean it was anything you could or should do about ;)

I will see though if I can find a feedback form or address so I can suggest it to them directly. :)

@FiXato I rarely make sales on any platform except when I toot about it (unless I have a sale on) so I'm not sure how much better the discoverability could be -- and I don't think books show up alongside games, although I could be wrong about that!

You could be right that with both book formats and the page just ... looking better? That might entice people more.

As a user, I definitely find the site friendlier and since it feels more indie, I'm more likely to make a purchase.

@vicorva from the Billing Addresses section in Itch.io's: "If you purchase from a seller in the EU we require a billing address so we can confirm your VAT rate."
I'm curious what influence #Brexit will have on this.

@FiXato ughhh I'm less curious and more trying not to think about it D:

@vicorva *offers hug* it's a shitty situation, and I hope your economy doesn't get screwed over too much

@vicorva hadn’t thought of selling there but i’m going to give it a shot.

@pixelpaperyarn I really like it so far. Other benefits are that you can choose how much of your revenue goes to the site (and it defaults to 10%, which is the best I've seen on any platform) and it doesn't put you through any nitpicky algorithms.

@vicorva do it! I'll have a look once I have cash in my account

@vicorva I have never put anything on itch.io and now I'm thinking I should give it a try. 😊

@Rowyn It's very quick and easy to set up, so definitely worth a try. :)

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