Today I have to write a blog post for a writing challenge (my mother runs it and and is asking me to pad out the month's line-up πŸ˜… ).

Do any of you have any suggestions for a writing or publishing related post you'd like to see from me? I am ... very bad at coming up with blog post ideas. maybe something about your writing process. How you get from idea to draft. Do you begin at the beginning or do you write scenes here and there. Do you plan the plotline first and then write, or do you work it out along the way. That kind of stuff?

@vicorva What should writers who are considering having an audiobook produced should know?

@vicorva something about how you plan (or don't plan) for dealing with getting sick, as a self-published author? :) Endings! Do you know the ending when you start the story? how do you get to the ending?

@aldersprig this is helpful, thank you! Although I can't help but feel that my method is quite wishy-washy XD Maybe someone else will need a wishy-washy method. Maybe! Also, learning from other people's methods is useful even if you can't use it. Cal & I, f'rinstance, write so differently it's amazing, but it's still educational to learn about Cal's methods.

@aldersprig the idea of blogging about my process has always made me nervous even though I definitely believe learning the process of others can be helpful. You are making a lot of sense and I feel a bit less shy of doing it. :) It makes me nervous too, I have to admit, in part because I'm like, "Process? What's that?"

@aldersprig @vicorva My process usually involves jotting down whatever random phrase, word, beginning, ending or paragraph that flies into my head over a week/month and then try to flesh them out first chance I get. Sometimes endings stay the same, or surprise/delight me.

Process is as process does, I guess?

@Teryl_Pacieco @aldersprig Teryl that is much more process than I ever have! I'm closer to Lyn's 'Process?' XD

@vicorva @aldersprig

But I have no idea what's I'm doing I only started 3 years ago. 😳 So? You have a PROCESS. My process is like "hey that sounds neat I'll work on that for a while!"

Why do you think I'm constantly asking other people what I should write? :-D :-D @aldersprig sounds like you know as much about what you're doing as literally every other writer I know, if not more. <.<

@InspectorCaracal @vicorva I may need to send a Thank You Letter to my highschool English teacher who was very supportive of my creative writing, if they're still there.

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