I often wish I could meet my online friends, but I *always* lament that I can't meet their cats

You folk have some truly charming kitties.

@vicorva ❤️ if you went to visit, if you could, maybe you would meet some kitties!

@maloki Aww, thank you! If I'm ever able, it would be awesome to meet you AND kitties. :) I don't think it's on the cards anytime soon (visiting anyone more than an hour's drive away is just ... not possible atm :( ) but I will def mention when it is!

@vicorva we only have a neighboring kitty that has claimed us as his. He's here a few times a week.

I meant anyone in general who's within what traveling works for you, ofc. ❤️

@maloki 💙 Hey, neighbour cats are still wonderful. Even more that you have one that properly visits! We love our local cats, most of whom know us now and run up for cuddles or to be ask to be let into their houses (one day, cats will understand how human's divide territory ... XD)

@vicorva @maloki (And on that day, they will still not care. ;-)

If all goes well we'll be moving this summer and finally able to get a car. Will share pictures.

@vicorva me too. I don't even have cats of my own.
Seeing cat photos makes me happy because SOFT, but they also make me a bit sad? wistful? because I can't pet a picture.

@anke Yes, I want to cuddle all these very cute pets! I was definitely even more wistful before I had Merlin.

If you're ever near enough for it, I will introduce you to Merlin who has no known limit for cuddles. :)

@vicorva@wandering.shop It's true. I'd love for you to be able to meet our cats. starts prodding at teleportation circles

@skysailor Teleportation is definitely desired. Preferably the magic kind where you are transported and not the science kind where you are destroyed and reconstructed. XD

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