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Hello Mastodon. I want to read more interesting books in 2018 and I want to share the experience with as many people as possible. I want to start a book club where we read one 200-300 page book each month. If you're interested please post book suggestions and we'll set up a poll to pick books. I want to make this as inclusive as possible so we'll be trying to select books that are coming available in libraries and on the Overdrive app.

I'm really happy to see the Culture series get a TV adaptation. It deserves more attention than it normally gets


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oh dear god.

Discord is a reference to Discordianism.

Slack is named after the idea of Slack from the Church of the SubGenius


LB *Anyone* is welcome to join in the #sffbookclub discussions. We're picking March's book now.


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This is what I want you to do: Twist what's normal. Make something strange. Do the usual in an unusual way. Complicate EVERYTHING.

Above all: Make it weird.

Why the heck would you do the same old thing again, when you could do it weird?

@naga, I think it's adorable that you refer to your kiddo as . I guess I should start referring to mine as

I don't even know how I'm going to finish discussing The Left Hand of Darkness for after today's news. I finished reading last night and spent my time over breakfast this morning reading all sorts of quotes by her. Meanwhile, thinking of one of her writing exercises in another book of hers I'm reading.

And then, the news this afternoon.

I'm so thankful for all she's shared.

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