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Hello Mastodon. I want to read more interesting books in 2018 and I want to share the experience with as many people as possible. I want to start a book club where we read one 200-300 page book each month. If you're interested please post book suggestions and we'll set up a poll to pick books. I want to make this as inclusive as possible so we'll be trying to select books that are coming available in libraries and on the Overdrive app.

here is the #sffbookclub poll for November. apologies for the delay on it this month:


Sustainability enthusiast following #Permaculture, #Gardening, #Beekeeping, #NaturalBuilding, and #WaterHarvesting to name a few...

Also working, mostly, on #WordPress as a consultant. Been using #Linux almost exclusively for nearly twenty years (yikes!) and love #OpenSource.

Trying to up my #PHP, #JavaScript, and general #WebDev game.

I have an amazing #CockerSpaniel 🐶

async await async await
async await async await
async await async await
async await async await
oooweeeeeeooweeaaawim async await
In the browser, the mighty browser, the runtime sleeps tonight

Let me do my #introductions

I’m an applied mathematician. I used to
do research in computational biophysics but now i’m just trying to pay Sallie Mae.

Happy to be here, but still figuring out mastodon (it’s reminding of my ICQ days).

I recently moved to London, which has been interesting. I like traveling, exercising, not putting up with bullshit and minding my business.

Smh the media is bad portraying hacking, Boost to show people what real hacking looks like

Deep Space Nine season 5 episode 13 

Hey remember that time Benjamin Sisko used chemical weapons to depopulate an entire planet and no one seemed to care?

if I hook up a modem to a megaphone, isn't that basically the same thing as wifi

Sun about to set over Fushimi, near #Kyoto

🎶ギラギラ太陽 照らされたい🎶

#Japan #photography #mastoart

I'm only one chapter into Wildings and I'm feeling a real strong urge to get a cat.

Steven Barnes as this year’s recipient of the Forry Award for lifetime achievement in the SF field. As I haven't read anything by Barnes so far – where do I start? #reading #sffbookclub #amReading

The Barclay protocols were introduced by Starfleet once they learned the hard way you should probably ring someone up on comms first before just like, walking in on someone in the holodeck, and also they should lock when in use

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I had a dream last night that I wrote some vitally important code (like world-saving?) but it wouldn't run because I wrote it for Python 2.7 and the world-saving computer it was for only had Python 3 installed.

Only YOU can prevent a worst-case nightmare scenario. Write your code in Python 3.

Some time ago I decided to commit to kindness and positivity. I try to be as nice as I can with everybody, understand that everyone deals with its own struggle and act instead of complain.

Of course, sometimes I feel like ranting and being grumpy, but I realised it happens less often.

This approach is making a huge diference in my life! And places like the Fediverse help me a lot, the Birdsite and the lot are too aggressive.

I'm grateful for this beautiful community 😊

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