Thank God my parents visit once a year, it's my only motivation to get my house from not dirty to actually clean.

One of my absolute favorite things is trip planning, especially hiking trip planning but even I am getting real sour on out-of-towners coming into *local* hiking pages asking easily googled questions.

I am so happy to talk to kind folks about spots to visit and what not to miss but if you start with "tell me where I should go to see a waterfall/moose/etc" you will at best get no response and at worst a sarcastic one.

Diabetes, obesity, and hormone therapy have similar increased risk profiles and you hear about those all the time.

But you know, those are things docs can guilt patients for without reprimand so I guess that's what matters 🫠🙃

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Did you know not having a child opens up women to increased risk of all types of gynecology cancer later in life? (2-3x increased occurrence of uterine cancer)

I didn't know that. I feel like I should have known that. I feel like everyone with a uterus should know that.

Obv not to challenge/change our choices, but to increase our medical surveillance.

Me normally: fuck big pharma

Me when a pharma rep brings breakfast sandwiches and fruit to the onc center: I'm big pharmas little bitch yes I am


Work me vs home me

Today makes it 3 years without ANY makeup. I still haven't decided what to do for my wedding in October. I might just do a little mascara and cover up any stress acne I get.

If you love make up, that's awesome. I don't. It's a sensory thing, and three years ago I put my comfort over society's expectations.


Found these two fine gentlemen snacking in the greenhouse, hopefully they detect any aphids I've missed!

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Sunrise in the greenhouse. I've been having a bad week and this space is such a comfort.

Honestly it is probably the first time in my life I have cried at work. I am the queen of keeping it together but I just fucking can't.

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I've been a nurse for 5 years and today is the first time I've cried at the hospital.

When it rains it really fucking pours.

Just received heartbreaking terrible news last night and now I'm getting ready for my 13 hr shift in surgery where undoubtedly someone is going to yell at me.

I hate this job normally but I do not have the emotional capacity today.

Healthcare, gas prices 

Honestly, our only solution is trying to get a church to help us drive if we can afford a van, but we just did our biggest fundraiser and there aren't funds for a van (we spent a lot on grocery gift cards for patients because our patient population is being decimated by these food prices). Why is there always money for wars but we have to beg for money for poor cancer patients.

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Healthcare, gas prices 

Gas prices are affecting rural patients coming for cancer treatment. I just want you to know there are doctors who are on conference calls at 7:30am trying to figure out solutions. But there are so few. We need corporations to help. Our best social workers and oncologists are doing their best but we need federal help.

So I have two jobs (cancer center and surgery) and my surgery boss is really bad while my cancer boss is really nice.

Sometimes I forget to switch my attitude/perspective and read the nice bosses messages as sarcastic since I'm so used to my surgery boss.

Well. I get "officially married" this coming October (we eloped alone last year, just my partner and I) and unfortunately I've come to the realization I absolutely hate my dress.

Tbh the concert is at red rocks and it'll be my first time there so even if they are meanies I'm determined to have fun.

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