I am working in surgery today, just told I'm not allowed to leave because there's a potential high school shooter.

I feel sick. My coworkers daughter is barricaded in a classroom, both her and her mom are doing so well staying calm.

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I've been "going through it" as the kids say and taking a break from sm but just needed to pop on here and show off a wild sunset during a thunderstorm

It's September which means SKIING IS MERE MONTHS AWARE. I am not religious but if there is any god of snow I can give offerings or prayers let me know I will do it very respectfully and genuinely.

El Niño my ass, please snow prove those weathermen wrong.

One of my coworkers was annoyed they are treating us like children who need a prize for doing the right thing but I am very happy to get food after my shots I do not care if that makes me a child lol.

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And our covid shot clinics were fun too! They had chips and sandwiches which was great since I'm one of those people who have to wait longer afterwards since I have a history of anaphylaxis.

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fun space fact  

it's very big
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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them respond to your email in a timely fashion.

The only benefit of living in an anti-vax place is flu clinics have bomb food to entice people. Tomorrow I'm going to get a full lunch with homemade cookies just for getting my flu shot. All free.

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US free covid tests deadline 

If you have not yet maxed out your order of free covid tests from the USPS, do it before September 2, because the program is stopping due to lack of funding.

So far as I know, the only way to find out if you’ve maxed out is to try placing an order. (I tried just now and got a message that I couldn’t get more.)


bitchin about work 

Sometimes older nurses talk about how they always used to get a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minutes breaks when there shifts were only 8 hours and I can't help but be mad they didn't fight harder against the worsening of conditions

Also pissy that we have a surgeon who threw a sharp surgical tool at a scrub tech and we are just supposed to 'stay on his goodside'

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Watching the Williams/Kovinic match, I am reminded of how much I’d pay to watch sports without the announcers.


I just wanna work one 12 hour shift where I both get a 30 min lunch and leave on time. I do not care that we don't get breaks I just want to go home.

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I'm at work today but my mind is back on the most fun beginner mountain bikes trails 20 minutes from my house.

Okay after looking into it, I qualify for the loan forgiveness but not my husband.

His loans are higher and higher interest while mine are super low interest and my oldest lines of credit but whatever. I'm super happy for the people this helps. Unfortunately this might tank my credit score. Thank God we already bought a house.

I'm much too dumb to figure out if I even qualify for the $10k loan forgiveness.

I wish it was legal to, instead of striking against the hospitals via walking out, just quit charting. It would make it so hospitals couldn't bill for any services but patients could still get high quality patient care (I'm sorry but scabs with minimal training to the setting can't give high quality care).

Otherwise how will healthcare improve when hospitals clearly don't listen and HCWs can't just leave the bedside with their conscience intact until conditions are literally hellscape.

Hey is the United States ever going to have Ativan back in stock again?

Especially with alcohol consumption on the rise it would be nice to have the first line drug for alcohol withdrawal available again.

It's been months without it anywhere, this is more than a rural medicine issue.

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