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Vajra Chandrasekera

Blindspotting is such a good film.

aaah it's freezing (by which I mean it's twenty-seven degrees celsius)

I did an interview It's been a while and I always forget that I actually like doing interview-type stuff. Though also I worry that I talk too much in them. Always with the having too many things to say.

Really glad that Krish Raghav's music newsletter is back.

Ȟe is a mountain as hé is a horn that comes from a shift in the river, throat to mouth. Followed by sápa, a kind of black sleek in the rise of both.
— from “Ȟe Sápa, One” by Layli Long Soldier

If there’s pee on the seat it’s my pee,
battery’s dead I killed it, canary at the bottom
of the cage I bury it, like God tromping the sky
in his undershirt carrying his brass spittoon
— from “Song in My Heart” by Dianne Seuss

That the moon causes tides
seems too witchy to be science.
The sea purging sheet iron,
jeans, a jewel-eyed
alabaster goat.
— from Kaveh Akbar’s “Exciting the Canvas”

@kiplet I like that has survived the shift of platforms (also that is a great essay)

i've thought about giving my lit zine it's own masto account, but for now, i'll just do the occasional toot on its behalf.

Luna Station Quarterly features short fiction (and a blog) by women-identified authors. We've been publishing sci-fi & fantasy for 8 years now.

The latest issue (032) is out now:

And we have a Patreon with goodies:

Boosts welcome if you're so inclined!

#reading #shortstories #zines

update: I don't hate it, but that makes me feel old

oh no there's an ubuntu update I'm going to hate it aren't I

on the plus (?) side I've discovered that it's much easier to do promo as an editor than it is as a writer

I've been uncharacteristically active on birbsite this week and it's weird

@DialMforMara same! but wiktionary et al list both with this as the US version, so apparently it's an established variation

TIL that the American pronunciation of "Maldives" is "mall dives" and I am still kind of processing that

if birds are dinosaurs why do we still have monitor lizards Show more

oh hey the tusky app has a light mode now, this changes everything Show more