Well, just got through haunted barn. It's a tradition on campus to raise money for various student orgs.

It's really fun to work up your act, start to play off the tour guides and the others. A happy medium between improvisation and scripted.


Halloween costume 

Not a great pic, but will behave better this evening. Also will have proper pants.


Okay, got it to render. This is with some minimal composition, aiming to keep it fast enough per frame to render a song overnight. This was 9 seconds and change.

burned building, memories 

I used to train here, for a good three years. The group had left, and I'd left the group, but it's still saddening to look upon. Adeus minha primeira academia.


candy, humor 

"I'm sorry, but candy corn... It just doesn't work like that, it's not going to sprout."


here's the next one, these are coming through slightly out of order, but there will be four or so in the end. Don't want to spam them all at once.
consider them cc-by.

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a footprint in mud, during freeze thaw weather. Cool to see it fracture like that.

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