I have the original Broadway cast recording for Sondheim's Pacific Overtures but it's not exactly easy to sing along to

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If someone could write a catchy musical about the Asian American experience it would be very much appreciated, I've been singing along to the soundtracks for In the Heights and Encanto on loop and my Spanish is terrible

Update: found the Instagram of one of the actors in the ad (identified as Guy Eating Wrap on ispot.tv, which also identifies the protagonist of the ad as a "geeky young woman in a fantasy costume" 😬


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Just rewound and watched a Taco Bell commercial three times to confirm that it features Saga cosplayers (and credits the creators, Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples)

Well, I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later... Pudding found one of my hand-knit socks, carried it across the room and then wrestled and bit through the cuff.

We just listened to This American Life's Spark Bird episode, about a family with an elaborate fantasy life centered on some plush birds, and I am driving myself mad trying to identify which UglyDoll kicked this off by being ID'd as a bird.


I hadn't come across the term "chop suey fonts" before, but the moment I saw the words I could picture the font in my mind.

Current mood: laughing helplessly at MST3K Turkey Day Livestream of The Prince of Space because my husband repeated a character saying "If you see Krankor"

Sometimes I share Impractical Things I'm Tempted By on social media in the hopes that getting more people to look at a thing will somehow satisfy my urge to buy the thing. Anyways,

Snoopy Deco Curry Rice Mold LS-7 amazon.com/dp/B00QPLS23U/ref=c

@polyplacophora If I'm correctly understanding the Wikipedia article, it sounds like all salamanders in the Plethodon family are lungless and breathe through their skin!


This is all very exciting for me 😂

I found a wee friend while leaf-raking and it has immeasurably improved my mood. I think it might be a red-backed salamander, which is apparently a kind of lungless amphibian??

When I was a Mills student, my circle of friends included somebody who had been unhoused before moving into the dorms and somebody who's dad actually was on the cover of Forbes.

When I posted about this to birdsite, somebody replied saying she went to Mills straight out of foster care and ended up socialising with the daughters of oil barons.

I thought this was normal in higher education, but it turns out that it's really really not. Most classrooms are fairly or mostly monocultural - one age, one class.

Mills's strong emphasis on community and it's diversity make it a place focussed on social justice. It's long been a bastion of LGBT achievement. It was the first Historically Women's College to stop asking trans women for paperwork.

Mills is special. Please spare a moment for Mills and make a #SaveMills tweet, write the governor of California or otherwise express solidarity for the women, enbies and trans people who study there now and will study there in future.


Acknowledge the weird thing where Canada has two different restaurant chains named [American City]+[food they're not know for]

ex: Bostin Pizza, New York Fries

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We can stop searching for the meaning of life, I just found it in the description of this Amazon product 😂

I'm fascinated by the ways certain themes resurface across different cultures....Adding Skin of the Sea to my To-Read list! || Black Mermaids: The Waters Beyond Eurocentric Mythology tor.com/2021/11/09/black-merma via @tordotcom

October 31: Licorice loves her new Ensorcellment hat (size M, pattern by Hunter Hammersen)!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, and always supervise your pets when they play with toys and costumes!

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October 29: After months of disuse, the tent on the cat tree has been reclaimed by Licorice!

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I'm so glad we adopted Licorice. Huge thanks to North East Animal Shelter and the organization in Georgia that rescued her, plus the foster family who helped her blossom into such a sweet girl!

And thank you, Licorice, for choosing us...

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