Just rewound and watched a Taco Bell commercial three times to confirm that it features Saga cosplayers (and credits the creators, Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples)

Well, I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later... Pudding found one of my hand-knit socks, carried it across the room and then wrestled and bit through the cuff.

I found a wee friend while leaf-raking and it has immeasurably improved my mood. I think it might be a red-backed salamander, which is apparently a kind of lungless amphibian??

October 31: Licorice loves her new Ensorcellment hat (size M, pattern by Hunter Hammersen)!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, and always supervise your pets when they play with toys and costumes!

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October 29: After months of disuse, the tent on the cat tree has been reclaimed by Licorice!

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I'm so glad we adopted Licorice. Huge thanks to North East Animal Shelter and the organization in Georgia that rescued her, plus the foster family who helped her blossom into such a sweet girl!

And thank you, Licorice, for choosing us...

October 27: I was going to put Licorice in the playpen so I could do an elliptical workout, but she had other ideas.

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October 23: Licorice has a new scratching pad! Pudding is also allowed to use it sometimes

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October 22: Licorice has started hanging out near the office door. She doesn't necessarily try to leave through it, she just... hangs out.

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I have just today found out about the Takarazuka all-female revue stage plays (musicals??) of City Hunter and Lupin the 3rd and am feeling some kind of way

October 20: Licorice and Pudding were allowed into the home office today, and Licorice made herself quite at home.

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It is officially that time of year when dozens of ladybugs/ladybirds/Asian lady beetles swarm our house and attempt to find a way in.

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