TIL that for the past year and a half, I've been putting synthetic snake venom on my face several times a week.

Skin care products — literal snake oil.

The ingredient is a synthetic peptide based on Waglerin-1, originally isolated from the venom of the Temple pit snake. The trademarked version is called Syn-Ake, which I can't even think about without wanting to waggle my eyebrows in an exaggerated "Get it?" way.

@erinbee SYN-AKE?? cartoon villain stuff, also Metal Gear Solid stuff


@batterpunts @erinbee I can't believe this isn't a plot from the GI Joe cartoon. "The Baroness de Cobray is trying to take over the beauty industry using her patented Syn-Ake venom! We've got to stop her!"

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