October 20: Licorice and Pudding were allowed into the home office today, and Licorice made herself quite at home.

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happy international pronouns day

courtesy of they/them internet linguist Kirby Conrod

It is officially that time of year when dozens of ladybugs/ladybirds/Asian lady beetles swarm our house and attempt to find a way in.

A beautiful story about people helping people: "Hikers used their turbans to save 2 men in waterfall pool" nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna3289

October 17: Licorice is far too mature* to play with window shades** like her brother Pudding

*This is not true
**Neither is this

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October 14: The elliptical machine is in the kittens' room, so the kittens usually stay in a playpen during our workouts. Tonight, we tried not using the playpen.

This was a mistake.

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I grew up on the West Coast but only started shopping for groceries once I moved out to the East Coast... and I'm only now finding out about this. Is THIS why Trader Joe's has such weird-shaped sticks of butter??

October 11: I suddenly felt a weight on my back, which quickly became a weight on my shoulder...

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October 10: Licorice is queen of all she surveys...

Licorice is also a champ at finding places just beyond my reach.

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October 9: This is what you see moments before a Licorice unexpectedly erupts from under the blanket.

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Bad actors are abusing large, open-registration, low-moderation Mastodon instances in order to provide direction to the Vidar Stealer trojan horse, which steals passwords, credit card details, bitcoin wallets, etc.

If you run a large, open-registration, low-moderation instance, please consider changing at least one of those qualities.


October 8: Licorice and Pudding engage in the most ancient and sacred of cat traditions, "Hunting Something That Only Cats Can See"

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