It was meltingly hot, which was a problem for someone made of ice.

She stared at her hands, normally a perfect cloudy glass, now slick and shrinking.

'That's it,' said her roommate. 'You're coming to work with me.'

The cold storage at the supermarket was bitingly refreshing and she soon felt like herself again.

Her roommate's co-workers were all very understanding. 'There just isn't good air con in the UK,' said one. 'Sometimes I think about hiding in there myself!'

#microfiction #TootFic

Doom Kitty is 10 weeks old today and enjoys 'helping' in the kitchen, and by that I mean laying on a cushion at my feet and attacking any and all suspicious shadows. #caturday

"New York City removed the last public payphone on Monday"

Uhm ok, so how do I exit the Matrix now?

#Ao3TagOfTheDay: WHAT IF EVERYTHING WAS FINE, averting canon sadness

offer: free home covid tests (US) 

i have a handful of iHealth home covid tests that will be expiring on july 22 of this year. since i have access to weekly testing and have more home tests coming my way, i'd like to redistribute these to anyone in the US who wants them and will use them before they expire (do not use expired tests, they may have a higher false negative rate).

shipping is on me. drop me a DM to claim them.

boosts welcome.

[English] 2022-05-24

We're celebrating:
- Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness Day
- Mspec Lesbian Visbility & Awareness Week
- LGBTQ+ History Month (Cuba/Germany)

Food mention (+ve) 

Hello @3goodthings !

My for today:

- Donut for breakfast!

- Cats are continuing to use their new exercise wheel! I can't tell who's using it but I can hear the thrumming of the wheel from the next room over.

- Improvised smashed cucumbers with black vinegar and chili crisp and chili sesame oil to go with leftover Chinese takeout, and it turned out pretty good! Usually I need to follow a recipe even if it's something I've made many times before.

Big thanks to @Pepijn who showed me that by mentioning @3goodthings and by following them, we could create a group where all the toots are shared.

So today when hashtagging #3goodthings please consider mentioning @3goodthings too and following them 😍

Every day a new #feditip

Hey #Django friends. If someone wanted to see the upcoming Django roadmap, where would they go?

Googling "Django Roadmap" produces odd results, and I couldn't find anything on

(RTs appreciated if you don't know but are also curious!)

The points in my Aurora Blue shawl may look complicated, but let me tell you a little secret: they're easy as pie! I made them by pulling the edges of the shawl into points during blocking. The pattern includes links to a photo tutorial showing how I block this shawl shape, as well as to the various stitches & techniques used πŸ˜ƒ

#lavischdesigns #knitting #shawlknitting

There's a reason nobody has made the joke, and that's because it's bad.

Ok, but what if it's good actually, and nobody wants to be the cringe one who states the obvious?

No, it's just bad.



...Vincent Van Lego

One of the things I miss about the Google plus interface was how easy it was to search for/find & create small communities of interest.

I wish there was a way to do that more simply in the fediverse.

Would love to find more #writers, especially #specfic (#sciencefiction & #fantasy) writers.

There are some hashtags that can help us find one another - #amwriting & #amwritingscifi for example, but I don't thing many folks use them.

So, where are my spec fic writers at???

(Boosts welcome!)

I see a post capitalist version of Stardew Valley as being based on meeting demand. The mechanic would revolve around surveying the villagers for their needs and desires, and delivering the crops necessary to meet them. Ideally, the farm would operate at a surplus, to allow for food preservation, which would be another mechanic, like storing hay in the barn, do you have enough food put by for the winter for the humans, and for a limited amount of external trade for rare resources.

Food mention (+ve) 

- visited in-laws, got souvenir gravlox and unexpected Harney and Sons Cinnamon tea

- saw a frog while helping in-laws move their goldfish and koi from their winter quarters to their summer home in the backyard pond/water garden

- thunderstorm waited until we were safely home before starting

I have six fountain pens that I use with varying degrees of frequency. So, why do they all run out of ink at the same time?

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