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Wow, I'm having a LOT OF HOCKEY FEELINGS in several languages right now.

None of them are fit for polite company.

Slow day, pretty noticeable and pain levels aren't great. I've run out of brain for video distractions, and am now turning to painkillers and podcasts.

Happy Thursday, Shop! Hope y'all are having a better day than I am.

Initiating a brain meds changeover this week: tapering Med A to zero, tapering Med B up from zero after that.

I may be AWOL. I may be posting A LOT. It's hard to say. Email or DM me if you need to get in touch.

Hitting writer's block on my current project, and I think I'll just skip ahead, leaving the hard scene for later.

Really really busy day of chores and indoors errands and scary email and to-do list tick-offs, and now I'm sitting down with hockey and knitting and chamomile tea and chocolate and anxiety meds and pistachios.

I earned this evening, dammit.

Black Panther was FLIPPING EXCELLENT. I am not used to seeing that much nuance about isolationism and imperialism and their legacies in film, much less in superhero movies. And the costuming and architecture and sets.

Hot damn.

About to go see Black Panther despite the weather. I'm thinking I'll bring knitting, even though I know I won't get much of it done because I'll be too engrossed.

Apparently my muse has decided not to like Isabelle's tentative (opera singer) girlfriend, and is tossing another (grad student, PR specialized) OC at her instead.


That feeling when you're exhausted, but don't feel like you've been awake long enough to "deserve" a nap.

I'm napping anyway.

can bite me. are pretty shitty, y'all. Not knowing whether you're imagining your limits makes everything harder.

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@varx @phiofx The point of systematic change should not be to reduce the number of bigots but rather to reduce the mechanisms that allow them to cause harm.

I do not care about changing the mind of a bigot. People can believe whatever they want. What I do care about is how space they have to cause damage.

Harm reduction is the key, not endless appeals to minds not amenable to reason.

In case is down, you can also read The Secret Between His Teeth on AO3 here:
I’m so excited about this one.

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I JUST HAVE TO SHARE. This is the cover art for my most recent story.

You can read it and comment on it and see the other image (WHICH IS EVEN BETTER) here:

Seriously, I am beyond amazed that my boys have faces now. OMFG.

Note that I do not condone kidnapping either children or hockey players. (Or anyone)

In the case of the former: child endangerment laws. Enough said.

In the case of the latter, I suppose an exception could be made if you had their advance written consent and a lot of negotiation beforehand and that was something you were both into?


Mostly I'm just amused at my "Awwwwww, CHILDREN" reflex coming back with a vengeance after so long away.

Wow, apparently my biological clock came out of cryo-freeze without my knowledge.

I haven't thought much about having kids for about six years, and then I saw some PR photos for my hockey team and my ovaries were like YES PLEASE I WILL TAKE TWO KIDS AND A PLAYER NOW THANKS.


Being single in grad school was a lot simpler after I stopped desperately wanting children, you know that? Not sure this is an improvement.

I am amused, though!

(Tweet with photos: )

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The Man Behind the Counter of the Wandering Shop posts an announcement over the door:

"We will be experiencing a breach from reality as critical security upgrades occur tomorrow, 2018-02-27 19:00 UTC. Please do not panic! We will restore reality as soon as we are able."

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The hosting provider for the Wandering Shop is doing rolling upgrades to fix a pretty bad security bug. We'll have some downtime, and I'll be providing updates as I know them in our discord.

What's that? You're not in our discord? DM me for a link!

I JUST HAVE TO SHARE. This is the cover art for my most recent story.

You can read it and comment on it and see the other image (WHICH IS EVEN BETTER) here:

Seriously, I am beyond amazed that my boys have faces now. OMFG.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang goes live today! I'll post links later, but can I just say, OH MY GOD I am excited for this issue.

It's happening!

Now to chain the brainmonsters back up, because they're worried that the illo will think I wrote my Russian character wrong. SIGH, self, stop being so worried all the time.

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