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Mostly I'm thinking within this world, but in the past. Today I'm going to hit up some museums and see what sparks my interest.

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Anything by astolat, especially Dangerous If Unbound. Her page is here: archiveofourown.org/users/asto
Also Outsider Perspective, for a great execution of the "lost memories" trope: archiveofourown.org/works/8098
And for a T-rated side character romp without explicit shipping see The Great Friendship Caper:

@shopbot @phildini I'm 100% shipping Finch/Reese from Person of Interest. I can drop some recs in if folks are interested. Favorite and I'll reply with links.

Also, hello, shop! I'm trying to get my head wrapped around how to manage my social media after a hiatus caused by health problems and some complicated life stuff. Not sure how active I'll be here, but I'm giving it a try! 👋

I have, however, been writing up a storm, including my first Person of Interest fic (which is a crossover with Hawaii Five-O because I'm a dork)

Spoilers to early S3 of POI and mid S2 of H5O

"Their latest number, a Mr. Mikhail Anatoli, escapes them thanks in no small part to HR, Carter’s new goddamned rookie, a smoke grenade, and a syringe full of elephant tranquilizers."

Link here:

Phew, I've been so completely out of it recently. Life has picked up speed again, which is good, but I haven't been here in ages .

My go-tos:
Sad white boys: Matchbox 20. EMO AF.
Angry girls of color: Janelle Monaé. Not actually that angry, but definitely a badass.

While I pop back in here, let me tell you that the new issue of S2B2 is up, and it's got another hockey boys story, and it's awesome and you should go read it.


The stories are hosted on WordPress, so you don't have to worry about LJ's owners for anything but the index.

Falling back into the Shop after a long fatigue hiatus. Hello, all!

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FYI if you use #Grindr

“Grindr Is Letting Other Companies See User HIV Status And Location Data”


They’re sharing HIV status with the user’s GPS data, phone ID, and email

This is seriously messed up. Forget #privacy, that means they can precisely identify each user


Good morning, Shop!

Things have been helterskelter here, but I hope all are doing well.

And if you're new to the Shop, please remember that our mods have a Patreon, and will be very pleased if you help support the instance!


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#MASTODON POST PRIVACY - who can see your post?

Anyone can see and boost your post everywhere.

✅ Tagged people
✅ Followers
✅ On your profile
❌ Local and federated timelines
✅ Boostable
✅ Visible to admins

✅ Tagged people
✅ Followers
❌ On your profile
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable
✅ Visible to admins

✅ Tagged people
❌ Followers
❌ On your profile
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable
✅ Visible to admins

#FAQ #needhelp

Woo, 'zine is live.

My story, To Join This Song, is here:

F/F NSFW romance with ART.

"Isabelle’s sophomore year at Julliard starts off well enough at first. Music theory is going to be a challenge this year, since she’s gotten beyond anything they covered in AP at Shattuck, but her teacher seems pretty good. The Operatic History and Practice class looks interesting, even if it is more writing than she’s ever had to do before."


No worries. Thanks for taking it so well: a lot of people get defensive and angry.

I know I tend to go all handwavy and talk AT people too, and I appreciate having it pointed out to me, so I try to do the same.


Maybe I'm just allergic to pedantic tone on the internet, then. That'll go well for me, I'm sure. 😉

I'm a librarian, so just I try not to 'splain at people unless they ask.

Anyway! Here's a better explanation of how the punch cards work than I could give in limited characters:

There's a super cool video of old looms in action here: nms.ac.uk/jacquardloom

There's a very technical explanation of modern and old jacquard looms here: woolgatherers.com/JacquardOper


I just thought you might want to know that the way you phrased your previous post seemed a little less "shared excitement about a cool thing" and a little more "mansplaining about something people already know"

My point was mostly that tone on the internet is hard.

I may be overreacting, but I know I have trouble with tone on the internet, and it's the kind of thing I like to be informed of when I misstep. No offense intended.

When your notes to self are, really, just plain stupid in retrospect:

Yes, self, I should plan to write original fiction about the Olympics. Thank you so much for this very helpful reminder.


I've visited some of the old C19 lace looms run on punch cards - they're super cool and really complex machines.

But I have yet to meet a fiber person who hasn't heard of them in this context, FWIW, and a lot of (especially female) people are kind of ... tired of that being the first thing brought up?

I'm all for sharing enthusiasm and excitement, and I love learning more, but I thought you might want to know your post came across a little 'splain-y.

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