When your notes to self are, really, just plain stupid in retrospect:

Yes, self, I should plan to write original fiction about the Olympics. Thank you so much for this very helpful reminder.

Happy Friday, Shop!

Have an image of a kitten meeting a hedgehog, because it made me happy.

I JUST HAVE TO SHARE. This is the cover art for my most recent story.

You can read it and comment on it and see the other image (WHICH IS EVEN BETTER) here:

Seriously, I am beyond amazed that my boys have faces now. OMFG.

Sigh. I love comments on fic, but sometimes I want to guard my time.

I mean, I should be grateful that someone bothered to comment, I know that, but this kind of NOW-MOAR-NOW demand makes me a little twitchy.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I just an ingrate?

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