Random thought: from the user's viewpoint it's more like fenestrate/defenestrate than federate. Open a window to the wider discussion.

There's a group of fossil bivalve mollusk with genus name Megalodon.

There isn't much online about them, but ask GPT-3 to write a press release about them and it will generate lots of "details" about how it's a giant terrifying predator.

One Less PhD Student!
(She successfully defended her thesis on predicting kidney decline in diabetes)

Kia ora
I'm the same username here as on the bird site. I've been an intermittent mastodont for about four years.

mastodon web interface top tip: the option to turn off notification noises isn't in Preferences, it's at the top of the Notifications tab in the little sliders icon :blobhaj_blanket:

Scented candles from a neural net trained on 1000 existing candles

The neural net is based on math, so it is infallible. This is the future.


Got me a fancy new e-bike. The 3-year-old one will go to a loving new home.

First thoughts: torque sensing is nice, but acceleration from stationary isn't as good as with a throttle. I like the motor in with the pedals. Having lights powered from the battery is a no-brainer. The higher top gear is a big improvement.

E-bikes: cheaper and healthier than steroids.

The score for the THX “Deep Note” sound, made public for the first time after 35 years:

How do you deal with #uncertainty when #visualizing data?

Submit a talk pitch to speak at #VisInPractice 2018 (an event at @ieeevis, Oct 22 in Berlin, one day after @InfoPlusConf).

See our call for participation at visinpractice.org. Submit your talk title and abstract by June 30 #cfp

Having a relaxing and productive Easter holiday in Sydney.

Sometimes it's easier to do something complicated if you don't have to do anything at all than if you have to do a lot of things.

this was a huge digression from what I was supposed to be doing today, but I think these plates of waveforms from recorded speech made by Théodore Rosset in 1911 (using a weird photographic method?) are gorgeous (source: archive.org/details/recherches)

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