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Happy everybody!

I'm going to throw something out there that may sound weird.


I never did it until {story redacted}, but now do it regularly enough I've noticed a change for the better. It's a small thing, and kind of annoying sometimes, but it falls in the realm of Thing That Is Overlooked That Definitely Counts As Self Care.

Take flossing for a spin this Friday.

*comes skidding in*

It's !
All I can say today is do what you can, how you can, then stop and be satisfied with it. No nitpicking, no "i coulda."
Just be satisfied with the now.

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Spent today being extra nice to everybody. Drove super gentle, let folks in/past/around. Smiled at strangers. Got a gift for someone just because.

I'm a damned softie, but I love it so.

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I stare mutely into the Abyss. After a while, it stares back, frowning.
I open my mouth.
"Oh! I'll get the Void."
I nod thanks. Wait for the Void.
Then I scream.
It takes it, smiles, and wave as I leave.
"We'll always be here for you," the Abyss calls.
I know. Thanks.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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(i'm leaving midday to check in on a friend convalescing post surgery.)

It's , y'all!
Sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to forget about yourself for a bit and go help someone else.

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@fidgety And, in case you were wondering: Yes, Mr. Rogers was exactly the same in real life as he was on the show. It wasn't an act. He was truly that kind and compassionate.

There are many, many stories out there about how Pittsburghers randomly saw him on the street or somewhere, and he ALWAYS took the time to talk to people.

And he was forever a fan of telling people that he "liked you just the way you are."

When I'm sad, I try to think about that.

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Got the set of chords for the first 2 verses down, now working on agility.

So I scored a ukulele last week. A friend suggested I pick a song I like and can sing and learn the chords for it. I chose So Blue by Prince, off his first album. Does what it says on the tin, it's a short blues song.

Grace is the word used to describe a situation where you have to deal with someone's bullshit without shanking them.

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No lies detected.
At , @pablod says "I'm tired of stories of white men swinging their dicks across the screen." Aren't we all, Pablo

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