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Played Consentacle over the weekend and absolutely loved it!

There's not enough tea to take on this Monday.
*starts kettle again*

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Imagine how much talent, knowledge, wisdom and progress has been sacrificed on the alter of white hate.

If white people were half way decent, we'd be vacationing on Jupiter and have teleportation by now.

But nah, instead we still have to have ridiculous conversations about abortion, homophobia and racism.

James Baldwin was right, yo.

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I am chomping at the bit to switch to my fall wardrobe.

there are some things i've seen come through from @cocktails that i want to attempt.

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gone all day, come home to this on my screen when i fire up:

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...fuck. what kind of event can i do? know i want it to be tied to possessions and death. *blep*

Saying it out loud in the hopes it gets me moving!

I joked that I've seen lots of writer type folks decide to get rejected as often as possible, and that it may be a good approach for me to get uncomfortable and put myself out there. I said offhand I need 10 rejections from 2019.

Think I've found a candidate for rejection #1: create and propose an event for re/imagine

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Applaud Correct - 2 oz. Irish Whiskey b. .75 oz. Simple Syrup (1:1) i. Shake/strain/Rocks glass with ice/top with ginger blended

Waitaminnit. It's September!
*runs upstairs to make an apple cider mimosa*

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boost to let him lick the prosciutto