If you use a delivery service (DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart, UberEats etc.) and don't tip, I'm going to judge you.

Ever wonder what your delivery driver is making? Here's an example from Orange County, California.

Note that time and mileage from accepting the order to reaching the pick up point is *not* compensated.

Also note that delays are almost *never* your driver's fault; the longer it takes to get your order to you, the more eats into their per-hour earnings.

Yes, there are ways for a driver to maximize their earnings, but they mostly coincide with driving at peak times (more time required per delivery) and still don't bring your gross hourly to minimum wage.


Bottom line, your tip helps your driver keep their head (barely) above water. If you tip at a sit-down restaurant*, tip your delivery driver.

*if you're in the US and don't tip at sit-down restaurants, I don't want to know you.**

**this is not the place to debate tipping in the face of poor service. I still don't want to know you. Leave a note with the tip or talk to a manager about why you're unhappy.

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