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Hello to all of the people living in this glowing rectangle I carry in my pocket. What the heck are you doing in there? We should all be more uncomfortable about this.

I write sf/f, both original and for Marvel. My latest will be out in May, and features weirdos who call themselves X-Men. It's about hate, bigotry, and also vampire merfolk, because subtlety is for cowards. I also have a book about Squirrel Girl coming in August! Yes, that is a space whale on the cover. What of it?

You try to price in the despair you know is coming, and yet.

How many skulls does an average human have again? Two? Asking for a friend trying to fit in.

I can't believe my body has given me nosehair rather than the Thufir-Hawat-length eyebrows I've always wanted. The indignity.

Every beholder knows they're the best beholder that they can be.

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In these trying times my thoughts turn toward the only thing that still makes me smile: beholders.

Oh my god Karen, you can't just ask somebody how their manuscript is coming along.

Trying to live a happy and fulfilling life, but, like, non-ironically this time.

I demand instant feedback! I need to know I ex-- wait, no, not like that!

voice messages are little podcasts for your friends

Boarding the elevator to the post-book-launch emotional crash, whistling a jaunty tune.

I ate a whole bunch of candy and in a presumably unrelated coincidence, my stomach hurts. Weird. No lessons shall be learned.

Rating this Monday as 6/10. Skippable. For fans of weekdays only.

That feeling when you could have sworn you updated your website more recently than it turns out that you actually did.

A reminder: when you return your VHSs to your local video store, please don't forget to be kind, and rewind!

I love listening to people talk who can remember the names and faces of film actors.

They'll be like "Mmm, yes, another stellar outing for Reticulated Thomas, really enjoying his oeuvre" and i'll be like 😀

Tristan problems: a mandatory safety video played a sample of the Star Wars theme and now that will be on an endless loop in my head.

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