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I know this is going to be controversial on this platform, but honestly, sometimes colonialism is actually good. For instance, if you're an ant

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youtube views and instagram likes has really skewed with our perception of audience size. so many things arent considered a success unless they crack 100k or 1mil and like ????

a sold out game at Dodger Stadium is 56k seats

a sold out game at the Staples Center, 20k seats

The Greek Theater 5,800 seats

Orpheum Theater 2,000 seats

El Rey theater 200 seats

like.. even if you arent pulling a mil, there's still entire crammed buildings worth of people looking at your content

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@trappleton TurboTax is fucking evil. there's ways around using it and being able to file completely for free, tho:

"Ah, I see you were unemployed! That will cost you an additional $40!"

I guess if you want to be technical about it, *all* art is done using atoms. But these guys used very few of them!

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also if you're a newly enlisted stormtrooper and you get deployed to a place called the "death star," there's gotta be a minute where you're like... hey... are we the bad guys maybe?

the death star destroys planets, but star destroyers don't destroy anything....... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔💥

bears are just big dogs. i have always believed this and you cannot convince me otherwise

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request for podcasters: a transcript of the show, easily accessible

it's a lot easier for me to interact with written media than spoken

Today I learned that Spain still dabbles in colonialism. But also, it must suuuuuck to be the one person on the island with the headline virus

s5e14, "Conundrum": You can't help but laugh when the conspicuously new member of the bridge crew says, "I volunteer for the procedure."

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by ignoring the generated value of this "feminized" labor, we're all of a sudden taken-aback at the idea that paying bills, cleaning the house, doing laundry, they're all WORK, it's all LABOR.

it used to be a man would rely on this captive labor. it functionally takes the work of two or more people to get one person out of the house and working for 40 hours a day. it's almost like the nuclear family was designed to reproduce this socio-economic structure. it's almost like that

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the unspoken reason behind "adulting" as a concept is basically a pandemic of anxiety and depression. it papers over mass amounts of people constantly fighting the urge to /just give up/.

there's a whole host of reasons why being alive right now is exhausting, not the least of which comes down to "the behind-the-scenes domestic labor it takes to participate meaningfully in the world used to be free labor that women were forced to perform."

Does anyone happen to know Latin who wouldn't mind checking if I've translated a few words correctly? It's just section headings for an RPG supplement, shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

the one good thing about pelosi ripping up the speech is that it will reveal all the people who care more about the theatrics of politics than the substance

Now seems like as good a time as any to emphasize that reliable voting is dependent on two things -- complete anonymity, and complete trust -- and any electronic way to vote immediately undermines both

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less New York Times, more Current Affairs

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