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This sounds ridiculous but I feel like there's a popular figure -- real or fictional -- whose message was entirely about simple human kindness. I cannot for the life of me remember who I'm thinking of. Mr Rogers is close, but it's someone else. Any guesses, anyone?

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@eldrichtTerror for 99% of what cops do what you really want is a social worker or a crossing guard or a free car repair. we could have on call public security without armed racists patrolling the streets 24/7 & locking people up in labor camps.

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uspol, current events

"Caught on camera, police explode in rage and violence across the US."

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Some dude landed a 50-50 grind on a flipped cop car in Philly yesterday

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I'm repeating this question mostly because I know I'll be talking to my parents tomorrow, but: has there actually been any "looting"? All I've seen is police brutality but I also don't watch television news

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lmao same people who were screaming about how unjust covid lockdowns were are now suddenly big fans of curfews huh

Sincere question: for all the pearl-clutching there's been over "looting," have there actually been documented cases of people using this protest as an excuse to steal televisions and shit? I've seen a lot of video of peaceful protesters getting pepper sprayed and precisely zero photos of looters and arsonists.


Not surprised at all that an out-of-uniform cop (Jacob Peterson) was the one who started breaking windows at the Autozone, while protesters tried to *stop* him. What are the odds this is gonna make the news?

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Joe Biden farting 

Please enjoy this video of Joe Biden ripping one on a live campaign broadcast he did, I saved you the trouble and got the time stamp right before it happens

If you were playing a druid, would you find this Wild Shape character sheet useful? What might make it better? (I have a different variant especially for moon druids.)

To my surprise, The Hand You're Dealt was featured as the Free PDF of the Week in yesterday's DM's Guild newsletter! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It's driven a ton of downloads and enough people have paid for a copy that it might soon become a copper bestseller!

If you're curious, it's available here:

There's this mountain high in the Caucasus where Prometheus lies chained. Once every day, a little bird comes, descends upon him, and devours his liver. By night, his liver grows again, so the bird can return the next day and repeat the cycle again, over and over, every day, for all of eternity. You might think that's a hell of a long time. Personally, I think that's a hell of a bird.

I'm trying to put together a definitive resource of *all* character options a D&D 5e character could want. Hopefully it makes character creation and leveling up a lot easier, and is also a good resource for people homebrewing their own classes and races and whatnot. I's very much a work-in-progress, but please feel free to check it out and pass it around!

I'm really pleased with my latest project, a method for generating D&D characters' ability scores by playing a solitaire game of cards. Featuring amazing cover art by @tenthousandworlds!

It doesn't cost a dime (unless you think it's worth it) and it would make my day if you took a gander:

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