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Is there any kind of video game where the only point is to create and explore environments just for the sensory experience? VR would be even better but I would just love to be able to walk around, say, my old summer camp as I remember it.

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"shark infested waters"


I wish I had more time to put together the episode on tin. It could easily have been twice as long. Lots of show notes on this one, including plenty of photos of the most heartbreaking story I've heard in a long time:

s2e5, "Loud As A Whisper": ugh. Pulaski is that relative who tells you that you could be so pretty if only you lost a little weight, then swears she was just doing you a favor

Oh, that's literally the episode. But uh they don't exactly deal with the ramifications, do they?

So like... It's eventually going to be revealed that holodeck projections are living, sentient beings and this has all been an enormous ethical conundrum, right??

I realize I'm stripping this of context, but when they write the history books, they're gonna have to include the part where families pay a lot of money to bring their young children to a theme park where they can cheer on legions of fascist goons that are actually called Stormtroopers

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valorizing and fetishizing the military as a unifying social force is literally fascist

s2e3, "Elementary, Dear Data": Star Trek is often referenced as an optimistic, even utopian vision of the future. Well, maybe, but it seems that even in a 24th-century utopia we still have chauvinists slinging slurs. 🙁

Strange, is the show trying to set up something about Worf's heritage and aggression? Cos none of that really paid off in this episode.

THIS, on the other hand, WAUGH! I screamed!

Kareem Abdul-Jabar has written a series of Sherlock Holmes novels, if you were looking for pleasant news today.

This first go of things is a little rough around the edges, but I'm excited to start posting old episodes as videos on YouTube! If you like what you see, I'd sure appreciate a boost or a subscribe or what have you.

to effectively combat the worsening effects of climate change, we need to burn one last thing: capitalism

s2e2, "Where Silence Has Lease": Woof. That last episode was... Real bad. Anyway, is this a crossover episode? Because it looks like the away team just landed on Dagobah.

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