@hafnia yeah precisely. I'll do that when I get home in a little bit. Sorry to litter your thread!! (I also misread your original post as a question, totally my bad!!)

@lj_writes @popstar lol oh yeah, that's a great point. You still still pay a price, but rather than dollars you pay it in discomfort

@ItsMorgan when referring to me by something other than my name, please use [endless silent void] or [A440 at 100 dB]

@popstar Sometimes you can get free books if you message the publisher directly saying you'd like to review such-and-such!

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I have troubling news, friends... you know all those creationists who said "I didn't descend from some kinda monkey!!!" and you scoff because we're descended from *apes*?

Well uh turns out that humans, and apes in general, are descended from monkeys. So in a sense, they kinda had it not entirely wrong!!!

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For every white person who reads this:

CALL IT OUT WHEN YOU SEE IT. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU ARE UNIQUELY POISED TO DO AS AN ALLY. No subtoots, just fucking reply to them saying hey, not cool.

It is quite literally the least you can do.

@tenthousandworlds this is so good hahaha I wish I actually had this hypothetical player in my group!

@sir hell yes lol, if I were the player, I would crack up

as a DM, how would you rule it if your party had a druid who Wild Shaped into a sheep and got sheared. Would the shorn wool stay behind after reverting back to human form? Could the druid start manufacturing socks on a grand scale?

USpol, George Floyd 

At Saturday's protest, I heard a guy saying, "I don't want to go too far. If someone breaks into your apartment, who's going to find the guy who did it?" And it almost totally took the wind out of my sails. Also saw a CNN article today (lol) saying, "Well, Defund the Police doesn't *really* mean DEFUND the police, it just means cut their budgets a little."

We're moving in the right direction, but the resistance is infuriating.

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Police abolition was an unimaginably radical concept to most people just two weeks ago and now it's the zeitgeist and it might actually happen. It's hardly reformist to abolish the enforcement of capitalism through weaponized force against people who step out of line (or who do everything right except being born black and still get killed)

Will the dems ACTUALLY do it? We'll have to wait and see and keep fighting them on it

but we have the momentum to win this. Please actually participate

Also, I think there's significance in the act of paying a penny even if that *didn't* count towards bestseller status, but in my experience, a lot of people aren't aware of how meaningful one copper piece can be for creators.

Today, somebody paid only one single penny for my latest pay-what-you-want supplement.

I was *ecstatic* to see it. Obviously I can't know that person's intent, but what I take away is that they saw something valuable in the act of paying.

And they're right!! Even if it's just one cent, that changes the transaction from a "download" to a "purchase" in the DM's Guild's books, which brings it one tick closer to becoming a bestseller.

So, thank you, whoever you are.


When the "disciplinary action" actually happens, what do you think the conversation is like? Is it, "what were you thinking" or "sorry but we gotta do this" or "you should've shot the cameraman first" ???

Apparently the show's producers are exclusively white women, which, again, shocking but not surprising.

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