@boobs_idiot Adventure Zone is really good. I have trouble listening to balance, and Travis runs his campaign in the worst way. But Amnesty was so, so, so very good, I cry every time I hear the end

For the past several months I've felt like my voice isn't one that's worth hearing on social media. Recently I've had the occasional inclination to post a brief thought, usually inconsequential, but it feels awkward and still kind of wrong to start posting again after so long. Maybe I'm trying to break that pattern by writing this, or maybe this post will just stay up to explain the silence that precedes and follows it

Holmium was fun to put together. We're hitting the home stretch of lanthanides! episodictable.com/holmium/

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Trolls World Tour director Walt Dohrn looks like all 3 McElroy Brothers morphed into one person

@hafnia yeah precisely. I'll do that when I get home in a little bit. Sorry to litter your thread!! (I also misread your original post as a question, totally my bad!!)

@popstar@rage.love @lj_writes lol! one of those monkey's paw situations for sure

@lj_writes @popstar@rage.love lol oh yeah, that's a great point. You still still pay a price, but rather than dollars you pay it in discomfort

@ItsMorgan when referring to me by something other than my name, please use [endless silent void] or [A440 at 100 dB]

@popstar@rage.love Sometimes you can get free books if you message the publisher directly saying you'd like to review such-and-such!

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I have troubling news, friends... you know all those creationists who said "I didn't descend from some kinda monkey!!!" and you scoff because we're descended from *apes*?

Well uh turns out that humans, and apes in general, are descended from monkeys. So in a sense, they kinda had it not entirely wrong!!!

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For every white person who reads this:

CALL IT OUT WHEN YOU SEE IT. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU ARE UNIQUELY POISED TO DO AS AN ALLY. No subtoots, just fucking reply to them saying hey, not cool.

It is quite literally the least you can do.

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@tenthousandworlds this is so good hahaha I wish I actually had this hypothetical player in my group!

@sir hell yes lol, if I were the player, I would crack up

as a DM, how would you rule it if your party had a druid who Wild Shaped into a sheep and got sheared. Would the shorn wool stay behind after reverting back to human form? Could the druid start manufacturing socks on a grand scale?

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