I have troubling news, friends... you know all those creationists who said "I didn't descend from some kinda monkey!!!" and you scoff because we're descended from *apes*?

Well uh turns out that humans, and apes in general, are descended from monkeys. So in a sense, they kinda had it not entirely wrong!!!

If you were playing a druid, would you find this Wild Shape character sheet useful? What might make it better? (I have a different variant especially for moon druids.)

Brisela is one of my favorite pieces of art from Magic, but there was a real missed opportunity for every one of these tentacle-fingers to terminate in tiny hands

i love when journalists and academics accidentally stumble upon Marxist ideas and think they've hit upon something new

nate silver is in the business of appearing completely confident in whatever bullshit, then at the last minute shouting "THIS IS TOO STATISTICALLY COMPLEX FOR ANYONE TO POSSIBLY KNOW THE OUTCOME" while fumbling with his glasses

Tonight I heard music by African Americans, performed in a temple built 2,000 years ago by Africans -- possibly slaves -- and stolen by colonial powers, shipped to the other side of the Earth, to rest on land stolen from the people who had lived here for millennia. All that in a wing of the museum sponsored by the billionaire architects of the opioid crisis.

What a weird world.

s5e25, "The Inner Light": "So that would make us the... Settlers... of Kataan?"

I have real shit I should be doing but I spent an hour making this instead. I do not know why

This painting is truly an amazing work of art. One of the many things I love about it is that I'd wager a good 25% of people walk right past without it registering as anything more noteworthy than "fancy painting"

"Ah, I see you were unemployed! That will cost you an additional $40!"

Today I learned that Spain still dabbles in colonialism. But also, it must suuuuuck to be the one person on the island with the headline virus

s5e14, "Conundrum": You can't help but laugh when the conspicuously new member of the bridge crew says, "I volunteer for the procedure."

The side of my couch displays a bell curve of my cats' favorite spots to scratch up the couch

s4e23, "The Host": This really bothers me. In this utopian future, it's not only acceptable but *commonplace* for people to have sex with other species. In this very episode, Dr. Crusher learns that her ~lover~ is actually a big fat parasitic bug, but after a moment's thought, she's cool with it. But she couldn't possibly have sex with a humanoid who presents as female?? Even by its own internal logic this makes no sense.

"your data analytics teams were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should"



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