So this was the closest thing I had to "Ceci n'est pas une pipe," I guess.

I think I also might have "borrowed" this from Steve Painter. Sorry buddy.

What a bunch of garbage. Oof that's a terrible stay to a eulogy, sorry. Uh I played the demo disc of tomb raider/Jedi Knight a whole lot. Tomb raider had no textures so everything was just grey. Jedi Knight had some appropriately cheesy FMV clips. I think I needed the BASIC software for some boring bad class?

I've got some twenty-year-old CDs here that I can't really justify keeping around anymore, but it feels wrong to just trash them. So gang, get ready for...

Anyway that's the series of emotions that flooded my brain upon seeing this silly image.

s4e2, "Family": Oh my god Worf's parents are adorable. I hope the next 43 minutes are just them bumbling around the Enterprise making nice with each of the crew.

Plus, Chief O'Brien is clearly that friend you have who can convince your folks you've fallen in with a good crowd

s3e25, "Transfigurations": What surprises me the most upon watching Star Trek for the first time is how frequently they come into contact with beings who are effectively gods. For being the marquee sci-fi rational utopian future show, there's a ton of mYsTiCiSm in Trek.

People toss around the term "gaslighting" a lot when they really just mean "lying." So it's really refreshing to see Picard deliver the most baldly textbook example of what gaslighting is

s3e18, "Allegiance": I'm pretty sure this move means absolutely nothing in a society that's advanced beyond money. And the drinks just have synthehol

Oof, I've really enjoyed this show straight from the jump, but this is the first real gut punch it's delivered to me and I really feel it for some reason

s3e16, "The Offspring": you pass butter lol

Right before this scene, the episode gets a hell of a lot wrong about gender. I get that it's literally March 1990 when this aired, but I would've pumped my fist for some realtalk about gender. I hold Star Trek to a high bar even though this is the show that murdered a cast member with printer ink and metamucil

s3e8, "The Price": Apparently, the role of Counselor Troi will be played in this episode by the newspaper comic strip character Cathy

I haven't been posting much about this show lately because there hasn't been much to say beyond "this show rules." But it's pretty unconscionable that the second season is ending with Riker's life being saved by the power of a clip show

"... About how incredibly tubular the Enterprise is now that we have a dedicated Tron room?"

s2e8, "A Matter Of Honor": uhhhhhHHHH if this were the first thing someone said to me when I boarded a new ship I would get right the fuck back into the transporter and blast my atoms right into cold empty space

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