"... About how incredibly tubular the Enterprise is now that we have a dedicated Tron room?"

s2e8, "A Matter Of Honor": uhhhhhHHHH if this were the first thing someone said to me when I boarded a new ship I would get right the fuck back into the transporter and blast my atoms right into cold empty space

Casual art commission offer 

s2e5, "Loud As A Whisper": ugh. Pulaski is that relative who tells you that you could be so pretty if only you lost a little weight, then swears she was just doing you a favor

So like... It's eventually going to be revealed that holodeck projections are living, sentient beings and this has all been an enormous ethical conundrum, right??

s2e3, "Elementary, Dear Data": Star Trek is often referenced as an optimistic, even utopian vision of the future. Well, maybe, but it seems that even in a 24th-century utopia we still have chauvinists slinging slurs. 🙁

Strange, is the show trying to set up something about Worf's heritage and aggression? Cos none of that really paid off in this episode.

THIS, on the other hand, WAUGH! I screamed!

s2e2, "Where Silence Has Lease": Woof. That last episode was... Real bad. Anyway, is this a crossover episode? Because it looks like the away team just landed on Dagobah.

s2e1, "The Child": uhhhhhhh why is everyone treating this supernatural pregnancy as though it were completely normal, rather than the Nostromo-level body horror it actually is???

s1e25, The Neutral Zone: "Hey, d'ya mind turnin' down the A/C? I'm tryna record a podcast in here!"

Same episode -- Jesus, man, can we get someone to install a self esteem chip for this guy over here???

Just for kicks, I wanted to see how tolerable I could make a news article I happened to be reading. I can't even imagine the ethics argument behind ad-blocking because the internet is practically unusable without it

s1e24, "We'll Always Have Paris." Now why the heck is a team of highly advanced 24th-century scientists calling this thing a "planetoid" when CLEARLY it does not exhibit hydrostatic equilibrium? My suspension of disbelief is ruined!!!

I recently enjoyed the same epiphany about Frasier, and it's the same way I feel about The Next Generation now. It's especially great because back in the day, every season of a TV show had like 28 episodes!

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