as a DM, how would you rule it if your party had a druid who Wild Shaped into a sheep and got sheared. Would the shorn wool stay behind after reverting back to human form? Could the druid start manufacturing socks on a grand scale?

@trappleton it depends on if you play by the rule of cool

@trappleton I might have them come out of it completely hairless and make them grow their hair back before they can pull the same trick

@sir hell yes lol, if I were the player, I would crack up

@trappleton I’d say that the non-magical parts of the Druid’s human outfit will be shredded, and possibly most of his/her hair will be gone, after switching back from sheep-form.

@tenthousandworlds this is so good hahaha I wish I actually had this hypothetical player in my group!


perhaps when the druid changes back, the wool changes into pubic hair.

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