here's a fond memory: a few years back, a kitten got trapped in the alley behind my building. My wife and I called ASPCA and they told us to kindly get bent, so we called 311. They dispatched 2 cops, who proceeded to stomp their wet boots all over our apartment before spending 45 minutes failing to scale a fence, then they went back to the precinct.

Again: The city sent Big Meathead Gun Bois to rescue a kitten, AND THEY COULDN'T DO IT.

@trappleton related memory: back when I was living in brooklyn, I was jumped by four guys outside of my apartment building and had all my shit stolen: ipod, wallet, phone, etc. The next morning I went to my building super and got the surveillance tapes, brought them to my police precinct, and they literally told me "it's been over 24 hours, there's nothing we can do." I told them it'd been about 8 hours and they still said "well we don't have the time to investigate random muggings."

@trappleton that was the day that I learned that the NYPD is not there to protect and serve. Years later, both my black friend and I were stopped for jumping a turnstile. Immediately, they said I could go since they had "no evidence" but insisted on arresting my friend. I yelled at them right then and there, saying that they had better arrest both of us if that's the case. Surprisingly, they just said "we don't have time for this" and just gave us both tickets. Still haven't paid mine today

@trappleton tl;dr fuck the NYPD, they're a racist paramilitary and don't actually keep neighborhoods safe

@caymanwent jesus, that's beyond infuriating. well done for you quick thinking though, I hope I would think of saying something like that too.

Sometimes I wonder how effective police are as a psychological deterrent to crime, because they sure aren't a practical deterrent

@trappleton Surprisingly, I've never been arrested for someone who's harassed and run from cops a lot. I don't do it as much nowadays but will always hold a seething hatred in my heart for the racist NYPD. They're lazy as shit, too, I usually only had to get a block or two away before they just gave up on chasing me. I wonder white.

@caymanwent god I love watching video of someone running from the cops and seeing how quickly the switch flips in their peabrain and they say "doh well I didn't wanna arrest him anyway"

@trappleton lol this reminds me of the time i was in college and someone called campus police about a squirrel that got into our dorm. they were just as confused about the situation as we were, and in the end it was one of the residents who trapped it in a tupperware and got it outside, not them

@xyzzy lmao! it's true, any function supposedly performed by cops *can* be carried out more safely and effectively by the community!

@trappleton i remember someone having a conversation with them when they got there that was like
student: "there's a squirrel in here"
cop: "we know, dispatch told us"
student: "what should we do?"
cop: "i dunno"

@trappleton i should also add that they sent two people to deal with this very serious squirrel situation, not just one

@xyzzy lmao that's amazing. all these situations are absurd, but it's almost worth it to see a cop realize his own worthlessness and wrestle with the cognitive dissonance

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