I'm embarrassed to ask this, but: if I wanted to responsibly join protests here in NYC, how can I find out where they're happening? I'm in Manhattan but I live in a very sleepy neighborhood.

@trappleton Facebook (blergh) or Meetup. If you can find your local DSA chapter, they may have info (they work closely with community organizers here). if you know people who have organized other protests for economic equality or the like, they may have info too. different grassroots organizations dedicated to social justice are a good way to start. if you're not sure who is out there, look at who has endorsed progressive candidates in your city and go from there.

@trappleton welcome -- I hope it works for you! Remember to look for BIPOC who are doing the organizing, and listen to what they have to say before protesting :D

@hafnia hell yeah! my first thought was that I could just try to find a nearby gathering, but that felt like a good way to become the self-congratulatory white dummy who shows up to a BLM protest and manages to make it all about him lol

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