Is it just me, or did using a computer feel a lot more insular before 24/7 internet? You could read Encarta articles or play skifree or try out shareware from the dollar store and that was about it. But at least you felt alone.

Ironic since the PC was probably in the living room, too, in front of the whole family. But now when I hop on the computer, everything is in a browser and it feels like walking out in public. There's no going back.

@trappleton I keep an old PC off all networks in my bedroom, just to go back to this when I want. I usually only use it when I set my mind to it, though. The Internet is addictive and it's easy to get caught up in it.


@ND3JR does it have an old OS on it, too? That would really complete the picture for me.

@trappleton Yes and no. It's dual-boot between NetBSD and FreeDOS. NetBSD I use for modern stuff while FreeDOS I use for old games although I haven't tried it for some time. I need to get a Sound Blaster 16-compatible sound card (which I have, just not in that computer) in there that's ISA and not PSI for sound in most of my games to work.

@ND3JR ahh, that sounds like a ton of fun, though! Very nice.

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