Is it just me, or did using a computer feel a lot more insular before 24/7 internet? You could read Encarta articles or play skifree or try out shareware from the dollar store and that was about it. But at least you felt alone.

Ironic since the PC was probably in the living room, too, in front of the whole family. But now when I hop on the computer, everything is in a browser and it feels like walking out in public. There's no going back.

Anyway that's the series of emotions that flooded my brain upon seeing this silly image.

@trappleton Big Mood. I just yanked the wireless card out of my writing laptop to try and recapture that feeling a little bit. I miss the computer being my playground where I didn't have to perform to anyone, you know?


@hummingrain exactly! I really miss it. But at least now I can connect with people who know the same feeling :]

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