This paper (via @petethomas) was already fabulous just on the face of it, but it contains this sentence: "Additionally, airships have been considered to be designed to be unmanned to reduce risks of fatalities, especially if the airship uses hydrogen for buoyancy."

Now I really REALLY want to write an adventure module where the players have to pull off a heist on an unmanned airship and crucially must maintain a sparkless environment

@trappleton @petethomas oh my god I love this idea

I'm also imagining D&D characters doing it and the wizard getting everyone killed in the first encounter

@hummingrain @petethomas ahaha I love it, even prestidigitation would cause everyone to sweat a bit. no spells would be safe! "I know you said it's an illusion spell but I DON'T LIKE IT!!"

@OldBrushNewPaper @petethomas I would actually love to put together an adventure with help from Mastodon folks! If history is any guide it's gonna take me like at least six months before this moves from "idea pinballing around my brain" to "putting pen to paper," but assuming I get to that point, I'll definitely be vocal about it!

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