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thomas @trappleton

Dungeons & Dragons is in the business of selling fantasy. Not the stuff with the magic and monsters -- the part where you *actually believe* that you and several other likeminded adults will be able to coordinate your schedules on a regular basis.

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@trappleton *quiet sobbing about how true this is*

@trappleton hey, what's magic if not at least trying to work one's will?

@trappleton when I was a kid I couldn't believe grown-ups only played once a month... Now I'd kill to get in on that


are there no online calendar comparing services that DON'T require gmail icloud or outlook?

webical, caldav, et al

@D well, it's not a calendaring solution really, but is the best solution I've found for this particular problem. Sadly, it does nothing about the problem of adulthood's busy mundanities.