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Hi, I'm Thomas. I write and host The Episodic Table Of Elements, a podcast that looks at the fascinating stories behind every element on the periodic table, at

I also love tabletop games, especially D&D and MtG. I'm looking forward to learning what Mastodon is all about!

Whoa wait I've never seen Frozen but is Elsa supposed to be the Queen of Air and Darkness?????

Can't wait for the Google/Amazon turf wars about to go down in nyc

I guess to be technical this is actually "sadness, dampened by 60mg of Prozac" lmao

This whole UCB situation has provided me with the purest experience of sadness that I've had maybe ever. There's a little anger and anxiety in there too, but mostly, this is what it feels like to be sad.

The worst part about all of this is what's happening to everyone else, not us. The vast majority of UCB's employees are actors, and subsist on a paltry and inconsistent income. And now there's going to be a bunch of them who are out of a job. One of them is getting married tonight. It's all just such a downer, you know?

Upright Citizens' Brigade Theatre has been horribly mismanaged for a long time, but now it looks like it's gonna go under. I made a lot of friends there, I met my wife there, she's spent several years of her career there, and all signs point to mass layoffs tomorrow. We'll be fine, but it's heartbreaking.

Relatedly, if anyone is looking to hire a Producer, especially one who knows digital shorts and the NYC comedy scene really well, I've got the perfect candidate for the job.

The company called "hims" sells men erectile dysfunction drugs and the company called "hers" sells women birth control drugs and hoo boy if that doesn't just say everything right there

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Does anyone know where I could find an article about not calling space exploration "colonization," due to the troubling undertones that has?

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You ever think about how the revolution is your retirement plan?

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Any #podcasters running #Linux out there? Looking for equipment recs.

I've found a couple via Google but would like to hear from Masto folk.

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in case you weren't convinced that we live in a hellscape of capitalism, consider that the world's most popular cloud computing platform is also a grocery store

I am unable to tell the difference between production stills from Mary Poppins Returns and season 2 of The Marvelous Ms. Maisel

this Deck of Many Things on Kickstarter looks gosh dang beautiful, but I'm afraid it's not going to hit its target :/

Wasn't there an article about a year ago about how Hamilton embodies the worst parts of liberalism? Performative wokeness while propping up systems of oppression, or something like that? I can't find it now, does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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infosec geek: you know you shouldn't be wearing those around your neck *points at the yubikey on my chest*

me: it's actually *grabs his fingers and breaks them* a honeypot

Did you know there's at least one "Rogue Geoengineer" on this planet? It makes me feel like we're living in a Kim Stanley Robinson novel.

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