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Hi, I'm Thomas. I write and host The Episodic Table Of Elements, a podcast that looks at the fascinating stories behind every element on the periodic table, at

I also love tabletop games, especially D&D and MtG. I'm looking forward to learning what Mastodon is all about!

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Lol from twitter to facebook to its proper home on the #fediverse

Happy Thursday!

it also bothers me that they go through all this trouble to say that Xanathar is a title, not a name, but then only call him "Xanathar" rather than "the Xanathar"

Somehow I didn't even realize that the Xanathar is on the cover of Dragon Heist until this morning, but now I can't not see it:

I'm a little worried about what Google thinks of me

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Pro-tip: "Foolish mortals" is a gender-neutral way to refer to folks!

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We have a text-only version of our website for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on Hurricane Florence news and keep their battery and data usage to a minimum:

I haven't owned a video game console since the Xbox 360, but Spider-Man looks so good that it's almost making me upset

Is dasharez0ne and/or dril anywhere on the fediverse yet?

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I've been an armchair observer of Atlantic hurricane activity for about ten years now and I have never seen a configuration like this. How is there room for all those in the ocean? How is Disturbance 2 forming so far north? It probably won't be strong, but will it hit the UK?

I'd just like to get on the record as saying milestone XP is lazy and awarding numerical XP for succeeding at goals is both more fun and makes for a more interesting game

management positions are a jobs program for middle aged white people

Well, I made it past 9am in NYC before I remembered that today is 9/11

The kitchen scene from Jurassic Park, except the kids have access to a 45-gallon drum of corn oil

The episode on Calcium is finally here! Element 20 beautifully blurs the line we imagine exists between flesh and stone.

Does anyone else really bristle whenever they see someone use the term "fake news"? It seems like a major concession to fascists even to acknowledge that it's a valid term.

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Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

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This is the least funny time and place in history to ask “what’s bofa”