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my intro toot is sincere but i sure do sound like a big eager dork lol

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Hi, I'm Thomas. I write and host The Episodic Table Of Elements, a podcast that looks at the fascinating stories behind every element on the periodic table, at

I also love tabletop games, especially D&D and MtG. I'm looking forward to learning what Mastodon is all about!

I was born in 1985, but I've been into dungeons & dragons since the '70s

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@trappleton should all polls contain an option to reject the fundamental premises of the poll?

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fun fact, anyone can talk about magic the gathering by just making up a bunch of bullshit. there's too many,,, no one can prove you're bluffing

the problem with goblin aggro in the current micro extended format is the curving on multicolor commitments and how badly it's countered by tempo in the meta

see? it's impossible to prove whether *i* don't know what im talking about or *you* don't

i love seeing "10 Genius Financial Hacks That Will Make You Filthy Rich!!" and the number 1 tip is "Make More Money"

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Saw an advertisement for a newly formed AA meeting calling itself "CHILDREN OF CHAOS" and damn does that it sound a hell of a lot more metal than it is

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TIL that you can download a free weatherscan 4000 (the software that used to power The Weather Channel, back when it actually showed weather) and I think that's pretty swell

Are there terms for various eras in history that are not eurocentric? e.g., "The Middle Ages," or "The Renaissance."

billionaires think they're up to the challenge of life on mars but I don't see any of them heading off to live in Antarctica, and that would be orders of magnitude easier

I got very very nervous for a quick second but then I saw that the trending hashtag was "bernie in TACOMA"

s5e25, "The Inner Light": "So that would make us the... Settlers... of Kataan?"

I have real shit I should be doing but I spent an hour making this instead. I do not know why

I love trying to piece together the day's news just by reading the timeline. If I got it right, today, Richard Dawkins.... Got caught running a sockpuppet... For... Roko's basilisk

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It's uniquely frustrating to be the white guy in the room while your Hindu in-laws are praising Modi

Are there any fedi platforms worth checking out that are kind of like what Google+ used to be? i.e., good for fostering conversation and finding communities of people with similar interests?

I'm (really slowly) writing a supplement about liches. I think cutesy phylactery ideas are more fun to read about than to actually include in game, but I still want to include some, since they are do fun to read about.

I read somebody suggesting coating the entire phylactery in sovereign glue, that's pretty good. Anyone else hear any good ones?

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essentially by wearing this device you could press a button and all audio surveillance devices within range become unable to do their jobs. now thats what i call cyberpunk

i'm one of those americans who has good health insurance, which means i only need to pay $10,000 a year for medical care

remember when becoming a bard involved having several exceptional ability scores and dipping into 3 different classes? those were the days

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