My several attempts to learn the bagpipes ended in abject failure; fortunately, Mini Me is much more musically inclined

My February stitch alongs are done! (I’ve dropped one because I’m unhappy with the design and will adjust later when I have more time)

This is the face of a cat who wants you to know just how much he’s been neglected

This year’s temperature projects: January

*I had the temps from 2016 for a blanket that got unravelled, thought I may as well do something with them

*same area of completed 2017 for comparison

For , I have 4 official stitch-alongs, and 1 I’m doing as a stitch-along, and here they are with January complete

1-4 are “official”, “unofficial” one in comments

@tjbmurph Day 23 deserves a close up. (I decided to make the lead reindeer Rudolph, lol)

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