So it would seem that two separate conflicts beyond my control have just put me out of a sizeable advance payment for future work, and that's not the only thing that's gone wrong so far, so I'd appreciate it if you bought a game or threw some coins at me on ko-fi perhaps
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Hey there! I'm Brandon, a writer, poet & game designer from 🇹🇹! Here's how you can support my work:


(the obviously frustrating part is that this doesn't actually solve any of these problems, many of which persist and remain out of my control, so all I can really do is keep working but it's been really upsetting so far and IDK)

I still need to finally get this PC fixed back up and that's already its own can of worms but my intention is to be able to do more, including increasing my design capacity & getting into streaming, & it would appear that the universe wants to interrupt that but I won't let it

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