We should collectively place more value on libraries. Libraries do so much for communities--both the people who need to be able to access information without hassle, and the writers who want their stories so accessible--and most of that work goes totally ignored.

That we may still conceptually value the work that libraries do--archiving, digital lending, financial & *often marketing* support of neighbourhood authors--yet insist that those libraries are less valuable than post-hoc alternatives is a massive insult to library services.

Libraries allow us to read our favourite writers with no hassle while also feeding into the (still arguably woefully inadequate) processes that pay writers for their work. Libraries often go out of their own way to make work both available and culturally accessible.

Do writers deserve better? UNDENIABLY.
Using the argument that they deserve better as rebuttal to defend sidestepping that structure, therefore disadvantaging both writers & libraries, doesn't offer them better. It offers them nothing & calls nothing consciousness-raising.

Are publishers reacting in a way that betrays a capitalist hostility? Of course. They were going to anyway. The system benefits them as well, of course, and they aren't going to pass up the money.
But trying to hurt them will also hurt the labour of writers.

Let's not forget: Libraries *deserve better, too*. Libraries deserve our support so they can continue operating programs that increase literacy, increase public engagement with culturally relevant work, & reconnect local consciousness with their literary & historical traditions.

To hazard an analogy,
in much the same way as if we said we care about the rights of retail workers, then pickpocket their stores in defiance,
I reckon it'd be disingenuous to say we care about writers, & that's why we'd download their book instead of just going to a library.




@therisingtithes (obligatory mention of @inventaire - distributed, community librarianism!)

@douginamug @therisingtithes thanks for the mention! To be clear, we are proud to help distributed community libraries to exist, but we would like to do more for public libraries, independent bookshops and publishers. But inter-compatibility with their systems is hard, and will take time.
#inventaireio #wikicite

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