The longer I think about it, the more I worry not that the goodwill that folks are extending to Black creatives has a deadline in days or hours, but that it has a deadline in pain—that when this is all over & folks want to make joy out of pain, they won’t be interested.

I’m thinking of the goodwill nonblack folks are extending to Black creatives and all I can think about is Danez Smith’s ‘Dinosaurs in the Hood’, and I want every nonblack creative industry person with their DMs open to think about this poem:

. @Danez_Smif is local to the area & raising funds to give back in this moment.
RT @Danez_Smif
I’m collecting funds to get food, supplies, toys for kids, and anything else necessary for Minneapolis and the rest of the Twin Cities. Today we’re gonna buy for Northside, will use extra in the coming days. Venmo me @ Danez-Smith if you can or will. RT


I hope not. I would love more great people to follow, so long as I can do it w/o being intrusive.

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