I can't help but think about what people mean when they speak hostilely about 'Antifa' and its 'members'.

Opposing 'antifa' the 'organisation' is like opposing 'feminism' the 'organisation': neither has a board, or a boss, or a general election.

It's just a very bad and unsubtle euphemism for "I don't want this movement's goals to get in the way of the things I take for granted."

Consider the inverse: capitalism, patriarchy, even 'the alt-right' doesn't have an obvious lateral hierarchy. But the radical work of opposing it doesn't care about individual or even group bodies, but the structures behind them that permeate in & further harm the marginalised.

One doesn't dismantle those structures by simply deposing a handful of members of the Legion of Doom. One opposes their structures, gums up the gears of their harmful public apparatus, and publicly stands with communities harmed by their actions.

Even when antifascist action is directed at a body, it has a goal--to reject fascism's growth and its hostile effect on the marginalised--and does not particularly value the body it's directed at as a 'leader' of 'fascism', just another pair of bloody boots in its march.

Antifascist action as praxis requires and does far more than care about the individual bodies of fascists. Antifascist action is also education, liberation, mutual aid, legal intervention, and more. Bail funds are antifascist. Food availability is antifascist.

'Opposing Antifa', however, requires no thoughtfulness or tactic. It just requires its actors to have no shame about being as brutal as possible to people on the street in order to deliver a message: do not get in the way of our structure.

Fascism, patriarchy, capitalism is simultaneously just as complex in its guts as its counterparts--made up of varied mechanisms for its ends--yet nowhere near as complex in its outer form, resorting to the brutality of physical conflict coated by misinformation & misdirection.

But it isn't like there is a Lex Luthor in an armchair or a Scooby Doo villain in a mask that we can just reveal and the work is done.

But fascism's always hoping that if it raises a baton enough times it doesn't need to hit 'the CEO of Antifa'. It's hoping we don't leave home.


When they say they want to 'stamp out Antifa', they really mean "here's what you get for opposing our brutality".

When we say 'fuck the police', we really mean "fuck a world where a man with a gun or a billy club has power over his neighbour."

Which of those is truly violent?

Here's some far more thoughtful conversation on Antifa:

RT @PhilosophyTube
Every time the president mentions Antifa I get a surge in views on this video, and a surge in headasses commenting without watching it youtube.com/watch?v=bgwS_FMZ3n

Police violence 

Please tell us if you cannot see our latest toot, re the ugly faces of extreme fascism.

Its shocking stuff.

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