Here's a reason you should eat the rich raw when this outbreak is over:

Check your email.

Did you get a COVID-19 email from a brand this week?

Compare that email to one you've gotten for Christmas, New Year's, or your birthday.


Shutdown is a branding opportunity.

Ask yourself whether the sale, the invitations to use their service to get the word out or survive self-quarantine, the long list of information you could have already gotten from the news, is in good faith.

There are freelancers and indie creators who need the money to keep paying bills when the shit breaks down, and have no sales pitch other than 'I would like to live'.

So when brands make weird cloying demands of your attention and money, consider whether they deserve it?

@therisingtithes a writer friend shared the other day - perhaps that's something that would help you? 💜

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