Soft Shell is a two-player game of discovery & vulnerability, where a battlemachine's mind & its fearful pilot bond as conflict seeks to break them both.

Help me get to Worldcon! Pick up Soft Shell & 4 more TTRPGs for as little as $5!


I still need a lot of help to make it to Worldcon 2019 in Dublin! You can help me out a lot by picking up my narrative roleplaying game bundle for $5 or more, or by donating via Ko-Fi! Thank you so much!

I'm grateful for all the assistance I've already gotten, and all that I may get in the future. I really do appreciate you all, and I just want to be able to represent for my communities and continue flying their flags in real, visible ways in this genre. 👨🏿‍🚀🔥✊🏿🌠

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